1. Brixter

    Protect City-States with Walls, Flood Barriers and Loyalty

    AI can raze city-states but this mod can help prevent that. Features: 1. City-states start with Ancient walls, Medieval walls and Renaissance walls in all difficulty levels. 2. City-states start with Flood barriers in all difficulty levels. 3. City-state's innate bonus Loyalty is increased...
  2. Brixter

    Preslav wall loyalty and amenity

    Preslav is close to useless and this mod makes it more useful. 1. Walls grant +2 loyalty bonus instead of Encampment buildings. 2. Adds +1 amenity to Encampment buildings.
  3. I

    How about changing the loyalty system?

    What do you think of the current loyalty system..? I think it sucks. To some extent at least in it’s current form, although it’s not bad in essence. As I understand it now negative loyalty only can be battled by building government districts.(or can you build more than one) but that takes too...
  4. Alex Pella

    [NFP] Vassals in Civilization & More suggestions

    Greetings, all! I, and quite a few people from another Civ community came up with a few ideas they would like to see in either the current game, or future game that we hope the Devs would take into consideration, Vassals. Yes we have suzerainty, but competing for a city state by having more...
  5. roesmoker

    Bread & Circuses questions

    Apologies if these are basic/dumb, I did search the forums and read the Loyalty Guide but if these questions have been answered already, I could not find the info. In the in-game Wiki, when it describes Bread & Circuses as exerting pressure for 9 tiles, but the amount is lessened by 10% per...
  6. D

    [NFP] Free Cities missing

    The game doesn't create the player "Free Cities" at the start of the game. You can verify this by looking at the file "GameCore.log". This means when a city goes to rebel it has no player to change hands to. It stays a "0 turns to rebellion" forever.
  7. nzcamel

    [R&F] CS succumbing to loyalty pressure

    I thought City States were not effected by loyalty pressure? Check out Wolin here:
  8. King Phaedron

    The Free Cities Conspiracy

    What is really going on with Loyalty? I've noticed very inconsistent rules, and constant changes to projections. In one game, I kept selling a city, it would lose loyalty, I'd get new great works from the owner in it's Art Museum, and then it would bounce back to my five 30 pop cities around...
  9. King Phaedron

    Free Cities are Loyal to their Founding Civilization

    So I'm in the late game and I turned much of Spain and Rome into Free Cities. This created some internal civil wars that were quite funny. Not so much once I found myself in War with Spain and Rome. The Free Cities are constantly building units and attacking me! They are attacking like they're...
  10. King Phaedron

    World Congress and Free Cities

    Listen, there are bugs in this game that have been around forever and are STILL not being resolved! I recently had to reset my game about 5 turns, because IF world congress meets on the turn right before a free city petitions your civilization, you will not be given the option to refuse it...
  11. Indypapa

    Loyalty and Religious Panel

    I am a dedicated Civ player from Civ 3 forward on the PC. I started to play on my Nintendo Switch. I can use the Lens action for Loyalty and Religion but I cannot figure how to display the panel that I can see in the PC. Is this possible? Sorry forgot to mention that I play in TV mode.
  12. David Zanotto

    [NFP] emigration and loss of loyalty for the distance from the capital

    good morning. I am passionate about civilization, I played them all. I have some ideas about changes that I would like to be added. I am a little poor with English, I often rely on google translator. I hope some developers see this post and introduce these ideas. emigration the population is...
  13. PeenHype

    Deep and detailed suggestions for the Civilization Franchise and future endeavors.

    Introduction: Hello :) My name is Peen and I've had the sudden urge to describe in detail my hopes and dreams for the future of this wonderful legacy of games i hold dear to me. It wont come as a surprise that I have spent a lot of time withering away...
  14. gunitinug

    how to go around loyalty problems

    just took a city with no problems. revolt in 3 turns. this sucks. i can't play this game if i don't know how to go around loyalty problems :(
  15. King Phaedron

    Free Cities should become City States (Civ 6 Suggestion)

    (Wasn't sure to put this here or in Civ Ideas and Suggestions or both) When a Free City has remained a Free City for at least 15 turns (depending on game speed) WITHOUT any decrease in loyalty from nearby cities, it should become a City State. Reasoning: 1) Because while Free Cities are at...
  16. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 353: Back to Console School

    The three hundred-and-fifty-third episode of PolyCast, “Back to Console School“, features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade with guest co-host DanQ and discusses the following: Senate - 00h03m25s | Districts and their Discontents -...
  17. sethryclaus

    Eleanor Peaceful Conquest (Deity 6otM75) Analysis & Results

    Peaceful Eleanor has actually been one of my favourites for ages but this is the first time I've actually tried to work out the subtleties. I discovered some interesting things, provided my math actually represents reality. Population Pressure The loyalty change is scaled based on the...
  18. O

    [GS] Full loyalty to revolt in 1 turn?

    Hi folks! Long-time player, first-time poster here. I had an odd occurrence in a game this weekend, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or just a perfect storm of game events, so I thought I'd ask here and see what folks thought. TL;DR: One of my cities went from full (and rising) loyalty to revolt...
  19. Monte

    [] city rebels in first 20 turns (Not a Bug)

    Conditions: * huge earth map * deity or immortal difficulty * location in center Europe (Athens, Amsterdam, Hungary) where multiple cities are nearby After my starting city grows to 2 population it becomes unhappy and rebels in 8-9 turns, then the game is over. I've tried to build Monument...
  20. B

    [R&F] Advice: Dark Age / Loyalty - timing/micro era management!

    Hi all, Long time civ fan and player... can't afford GS ($54 CAD!!!) so consistent R&F gameplay for me,,, I enjoy it and look forward to first GS sale but need R&F advice,,, not sure that anything has changed in GS but I'll ask that too. --I've been watching a lot of youtube gameplay, reading...
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