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  1. R

    [BNW] LUA to remove a building

    Hi I'm working on a mod where a wonder uses the "FreeBuilding" xml to give a lesser version of itself to all cities but this means it also gives it to the city the wonder is built in. I would like to use a lua script to remove the lesser version from the city the wonder is but have no idea how...
  2. T

    pls help lol

    I have an issue with my self-made WorldBuilder map I made. It was working as planned, then I decided to reuse the same map , but as a different civilization. Now, whenever I try and start up the game, this message appears. "There was an error staring the game We recommend disabling any mods...
  3. pineappledan

    Disable Improvement Type for a Specific Civ

    I'm working on a custom civ, and I want their unique improvement to effectively REPLACE trading posts on the tech tree, rather than be an entirely new improvement. The easiest way I can think to do this is to set up the new improvement normally, then knock out their workers' ability to...
  4. CrocWorks

    [BNW] New lua coder need help with custom unique greetings

    I'm pretty new to lua coding and attempted to follow a template to add unique greetings for civ 5, but I can't seem to get the lua to fire. Both the UniqueUtils and the UniqueGreetings lua files have VFS set to true. I've tried to figure this out for days now, but when I check the logs, my "The...
  5. H

    [BNW] Dummy Policy via LUA, Anything Wrong?

    First time using/experimenting with LUA to give a civ I'm working on a dummy policy, based on the code provided here ( The thing is, when I made the build to test the civ out, it didn't show up ingame so I'm wondering if it was...
  6. H

    Need help correcting a Lua code. (Also found a neet tool to correct syntax).

    Welp, so I made a code that took me the whole day (even if it is simple as heck), only to end up with it not working at all even after correcting all syntax errors i could have made. Oh, by the way here is the online tool I used to find my syntax errors...
  7. G

    Live Tuner <CompatibleStates>

    I'm trying to use Firaxis Live Tuner (FLT) to access and process game information and then highlight "interesting" plots. I'm stumped and need help. I've created an FLT panel (code below) in which I define "InGame" and "_TunerResourcePanel" as "CompatitableStates" and identify...
  8. FieryCharizard7

    LUA Function that only occurs on Wonder Completion

    Hello all, I am working on a Wonder that was said to have "given birth to the Renaissance" so I was planning on this wonder giving the player the Acoustics tech upon completion if not already discovered. I am unsure where to implement this function as it only needs to run once, so Running it on...
  9. donald23

    Current Time of Day 0.1

    This little script checks every time a human player's turn starts, what the time of day is. Then changes the in-game time of day function to match that.
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