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  1. unartis

    Cocoa 1.00

    Cacao beans are an important ingredient in chocolate, which is a great food. Cocoa beans are grown on plantations in tropical regions of the world. Cocoa beans are processed in the chocolate factory. I made this strategic resourses for made it for Earth Mod, Earth Globalism Mod II (EGMII). The...
  2. unartis

    Elephant or Ivory 1.00

    African Elephant or ivory as a strategic or luxury resource. I created this file in 2006, but I updated it in 2023. I didn't like the original ivory resource, so I created this one with new graphics. I made this strategic resourses for first made it for Earth Mod and Earth Globalism Mod I...
  3. unartis

    [GRAPHICS] Resource Factory

    I've been creating resources for my civilization III game mods for over 10 years now, which I've recently started sharing here on Civilization Fanatic. There were resources that were missing from the epic game and there were resources that I didn't like graphically, so I made a more attractive...
  4. Queen Theophania

    Ideas and concepts for new resources (and a reworked lumber mill)

    Hey y'all, I have no idea if anyone else has problems with the variety of resources in Civ VI but I wish they were a bit more varied and represented a bit more of the world, so here I've compiled a few resources I'd like to see in the next entry in the series (and may or may not add through mods...
  5. K

    Civilization Trade Window doesnt show resources and doesnt work in general

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, I havent used this Forum before. I wanted to try out the Community patch and Balance overhaul. When i wanna try to trade with another civilization I am shown all strategy resources and luxury resources but when i click on them nothing happens...
  6. J

    [lua] Trying to return the continent name from a plot

    Hi guys, I tried to play aroudn with plot:GetContinentType() hoping to get a continent's name (in order to allocate luxuries from a particular continent). I failed. Any idea on how to do that ?
  7. P

    [BNW] (Help) Improvement granting free resource

    Does anyone know a way to make an improvement you build grant you a free resource that you haven't built on? As in you build a tile improvement, then that grants you 1 free luxury resource? Is there a LUA way to do it? I've been trying to get this done for days and it's driving me crazy. Any...
  8. G

    New Resource problem

    I subscribed to two mods: "Resource Options:Truly Abundant & Plentiful" and "Resourceful". The first mainly adds additional resource placement options and changes the Resource Generator function. The second adds several new resources, including the two I'm having problems with, which are Caviar...
  9. W

    Placing District on Luxury/Strategic resources

    Anyone else think you should be able to do this? Sometimes i get hella blocked by a resource for a prime district local. IT SUCKS
  10. T

    Silver Anniversary Achievement PSA

    [Note: I'm not quite sure where this thread belongs, but decided it wasn't *technically* a bug so I'm posting it here instead] So I recently had a start with enough silver to feasibly go for the Silver Anniversary achievement, but nearby AIs settled near some of the extra copies I needed. I...
  11. isnorden

    Doubling specific luxuries: how do I code this?

    After using a mod that doubles the amount of strategic resources on the map, I wondered if there was a way to double the amount of specific luxuries (say, Gold or Silver) for all civs. If that's possible without a DLL hack, could you please tell me how? Thank you again!
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