1. King Phaedron

    Luxury bonus to make Trade more interesting

    Instead of the same price for any luxury, one might pay a little more or less depending on one's needs. This would also encourage more trade, since you only get the Bonus when you are importing a resource. You would probably want to see all of your luxuries and import them all, but the AI...
  2. E

    'Ban Luxury' resolution improvement suggestion

    Hello guys! So, an AI proposed to ban a certain luxury the other day and I thought 'Yeah, that would cripple my rival, why not?' The proposal got passed, but then I noticed a peculiarity: my cities would still demand the banned resource as if they haven't heard the news. Real bummer. In my...
  3. C

    Drug Resources v2.0

    Features • Works with all map scripts • Has its own resource generation algorithm • Compatible with mods such as More Luxuries • Unique, mipmapped graphics • The Public House building • 7 new luxury resources Betel Nuts Cannabis Coca Leaves Opium Khat San Pedro (mescaline cactus) Tequila...
  4. L

    [BNW] Curious case of disappearing Luxury (cotton)

    I'm happy owner of one cotton luxury resouce giving happines bonus. I also have another cotton resource within same city area but it's plantation has been pillaged. However when I build a citadel on the cotton with pillaged plantation cotton disappears from list of luxuries and causes instant -4...
  5. W

    Placing District on Luxury/Strategic resources

    Anyone else think you should be able to do this? Sometimes i get hella blocked by a resource for a prime district local. IT SUCKS
  6. T

    Silver Anniversary Achievement PSA

    [Note: I'm not quite sure where this thread belongs, but decided it wasn't *technically* a bug so I'm posting it here instead] So I recently had a start with enough silver to feasibly go for the Silver Anniversary achievement, but nearby AIs settled near some of the extra copies I needed. I...
  7. Iron Angel

    [Vanilla] Amenity Guide

    Iron Angel submitted a new resource: Amenity Guide - Amenity Guide Read more about this resource...
  8. Sporally

    Bug: Decleared war while in a peace treaty (post #2)

    So in my first game I improved the luxury ressource (gems) and had a population of 5 with no unhapiness. Spain decleared a surprice attack on my capital and pillaged the gems ressource I had. This turned my city into a city of unhappy citizen. After killing of some of the spanish units and...
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