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  1. A

    [G&K] Visual glitch with M1 Mac + Sonoma: Black oceans

    I just updated from Ventura to Sonoma (as an intentional late adopter) and immediately discovered that, on my M1 mini, the oceans are now black. It's really gross, like a global Exxon Valdez accident. Has anyone else seen this? If your game *doesn't* do this under macOS 14.3.X or macOS 14.4 on...
  2. C

    CIV V Mac Crashes same turn.

    It's been a while now. CIV V sometimes works all the way till the end of the game, sometimes it crashes at the same turn and there is nothing I can do about it. Even saving and restarting wont change things, neither would making different decisions in previous turns. There is one odd thing is...
  3. beaniebop

    Possible to mod Civ6 from Mac App Store?

    I'm new to Civilization, but a fast fan. I've been trying to enable the Debug menu, however I have been unable to find the folders on my Mac. The closest I have gotten to in finding any folder relating to Civ is the "show package contents" options when right clicking on Civ when in the...
  4. AlexanderMZoltai

    DLC payments on a Mac…

    Don't know where to put my question—sorry if this is in response to something completely different ( maybe someone can move it… ) I have Civ 5 on a Mac—I just used the in-game DLC and got a number of extras… Anyone know how I'll be billed??
  5. Navelgazer

    Game window suddenly slightly too big for my screen.

    Hello. Playing through Steam on a MacBook, and have been for a while. To my knowledge it's never done this before, but suddenly this morning the game window is just a little too big for my screen, cutting off the bottom, crucially the "play" button, but also some info at the very bottom of the...
  6. F

    [] UI/system freezes when selecting next unit (macOS catalina)

    My late-2019 MacBook Pro freezes randomly when playing Civ 6 (all DLCs except NFP). I'm on (198979) Metal. macOS version is 10.15.6. It happens mostly when I try to select the next unit, either by pressing the big acclimation button at the bottom or pressing the dot key. When it...
  7. P

    Civ III on mac with 64 Bits ?

    Hi I used to play on an old Mac computer to CIV III and love it, sadly that computer is down and it seems that there are no way to install it on recent mac as it's only 32 Bits and I don't know what to do ? I didn't really want to install on virtual Mac on Mac just to have the game, it's kind...
  8. GuyJones

    Bug with multiplayer

    every time I try to play a multiplayer game it won’t let me join and says “Mod Missing. Additional content is required but either has not been purchased or is not installed. Content: -DLC: Maya and Gran Colombia Pack” This started happening after the most recent update. I have never bought a...
  9. T

    Mac/windows multiplayer compatibility

    Hey guys, my friend (mac) and I (windows) tried recently (june 2020) to play a multiplayer game in civ vi, but we where unable to due to a "mismatch in versions". We both have the exact same dlc downloaded. We apparently have different versions of the game, me having a newer and my...
  10. D

    Frontier Pass City Screen Bug

    Hello, Just purchased frontier pass and am having a weird bug. The city name screen for all cities in the game is not displayed. I cannot see what I am producing or how much health a city has. Has anyone encountered this bug and know a fix? thanks
  11. T

    Multiplayer Autosave Issue

    Hey all, Been combing the forums awhile and can't find a similar issue. Been playing Civ V solo awhile and have been getting friends together to play online together. Have a bunch of new players so have just been playing 50 - 100 turns and teaching them the ropes. We are about 6 players half...
  12. V

    Extremely long load times

    Since upgrading my late 2014 iMac to Mojave load times on Civ 6 have gotten ridiculous. Takes maybe 5 mins of initial loading screen but then actually loading a game and waiting for the round blue play button takes 20-30 minutes. Once the game is actually running it is prone to crashing after...
  13. D

    [GS] Game won't start on Mojave?

    When I try and open the game, either from Steam or from the executable in Finder, I get an Aspyr splash screen that is blank except for the "play" button - on clicking the play button, I get a black window for a few seconds and then a crash, with an error reporting screen. It used to work fine...
  14. coolio2654

    Final say: Can the Modpacks work on the Mac?

    Hello, all. I have been playing Civ5 on my windows for many years now, have 300+ hr.s, and have enjoyed the glorious of multiplayer mods all that time on windows. However, does the modpack-creation technique work on the mac? I want to play with a friend. Some sources - link1, link2 - claim that...
  15. D

    [GS] Civ and eGPUs

    So this is probably something that only affects a small number of us, but it seems that Aspyr doesn't support eGPUs for Civ. The previous update pushed Civ beyond what my old Mac's weak GPU can handle. I purchased a nice eGPU that runs everything else perfectly, but not Civ. I've put thousands...
  16. D

    [GS] Civ 6 not recognizing eGPU

    I bought an eGPU to help out my late 2013 macbook, but it is not selectable in Civ. I only see my old native GPU. Other games use the eGPU, but Civ 6 can't read it. Does anyone know how to force Civ to use the eGPU? I have 'Prefer External GPU' checked in the Get Info screen. Thanks!
  17. swizzles030

    How to install mods on the App Store Version of Civ 6

    Hello together, i have the App Store version of Civilization 6 for mac. I tryed to install some mods like someone on steam told it. The big problem was to find the mods folder, but after a long time i found it. So now everyone sayed that i have to download the mods and open it in the mods...
  18. swizzles030

    How to install mods for the Civ 6 App Store version?

    Hello together, i have the App Store version of Civilization 6 for mac. I tryed to install some mods like someone on steam told it. The big problem was to find the mods folder, but after a long time i found it. So now everyone sayed that i have to download the mods and open it in the mods...
  19. Plaidman

    [R&F] Can Host: LAN Party/Multiplayer Questions (system)

    Hey Civ Fanatics: In a few weeks I'm hosting a big multiplayer Civ game with a few of my friends (between 4-8 players), and I want to make sure everything runs smoothly. To that end, I'm wondering if you can offer any setup advice, especially with respect to these questions: - I've had...
  20. T

    [C3C] Civ3 on wine (mac) not working

    Hey, (I hope there are still people active on this). Recently downloaded my favorite game ever on my mac using wine, playonmac, and after installing everything, running the game through steam I cant get past the intro movie, I either click through it, and get a black screen (through it appears...
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