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  1. F

    Yet (not) Another Ley Line Injector - Injecting static Ley Lines to your maps for Civ 6

    This program injects Ley Lines to static maps made with YNAMP with both manual and automatic coordinate selections. My recommendation is to make a map in World Builder and use Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter by Zobtzler to generate the required LUA file. Then use this program to inject...
  2. B

    YnAMP Giant Earth but restricted to Old world with world wrap

    Hi, new to the forums, I'm really interested in playing a "if Columbus was right about geography" map of the world where the Americas don't exist and travelling west of Europe lands you in Asia. I've been using YnAMP's Giant Earth map for the past few months and have really enjoyed its size but...
  3. ilmis9

    Worldbuilder map random start

    Hi,guys! I recently made my own world map with some tweaked regions for gameplay of my taste and I want to play it with civs randomly scatter around it. But problem is- civilizations rotate on fixed start locations. Played one game, wanted another ,but realized the issue. I really love the map...
  4. Emanuele Bongiovanni

    Adding additional content to a world builder map

    I've created this map with already GS and RF, I also just bought Other civs like Australia, Portugal, Poland and so on, how do I add them to my world builder map?
  5. AeonsOfTime

    World Builder - Usage guide 2021

    I have been doing battle with the World Builder for the last few days, and noticed that much of the information out there is outdated. The TZ method for example, can thankfully be thrown into the bin at long last. I thought that we could use a new thread to keep track of the current capabilities...
  6. E

    World Bulding with C2C?

    What is the best way to create a map for C2C? I was thinking about creating a failry large world and would like to know what are the tools that people normally use to create such maps. Is it normally done using the game worldbuilder feature? I've read about third-party programs that simplifies...
  7. Horatiuss

    Rising Tides, all Marvels in one game

    Hi guys i need some help. I'm new to modding (I modified my Stellaris game quite a bit without too much trouble). However for Civilization games this is a first. Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tides doesn't have a lot of mod so I have to make the one I need. I would like to have all Marvels...
  8. H

    Having problems creating starting points in a custom map.

    I created a custom map with the in-game Civ 6 (Epic) worldbuilder map editor starting with an empty map, painting the lands, oceans, contenants, land features, and adding resources and natural wonders. Then I changed the four required textboxes in the map details so that the map doesn't show...
  9. I

    [GS] Worldbuilder

    Built a map before I had GS or R&F, it worked perfectly. However, I now have R&F and GS but none of the new civs appear anywhere in world builder. I also can't add new features like volcanoes. I figure this is because the ruleset I selected originally is the base game (standard) rule set. Does...
  10. JeffersonBelmont

    [BNW] Bananas and Fish don't appear in custom map even though I've placed many of each

    I'm trying my hand at map creation recently. It has worked well so far, except that no Banana tile is appearing when I load the map with scenario in game. I placed many Banana tiles and fish tiles, yet none have appeared so far. Whales and Citrus work, though. What could it be? Also, if I place...
  11. Austin001

    Adding map as mod, adds 2 mods under additional content but only one works

    As the title implies I have mad a map for me and my friends. I made it in mod form so it would be easier for them to download, but it adds 2 mods under additional content, one that works as intended and the other that does nothing. One isnt named properly as well. Ive uploaded a copy of all the...
  12. CallMeDale

    Any idea how to get a solid Pangea with one single massive landmass

    Every Pangea map I’ve ever played has had two main land masses only connected by an extremely thin stretch of land. On occasion the fractal maps produce a better Pangea but they also sometimes produce a selection of islands and small continents. I just want a single landmass sometimes, that’s...
  13. Zobtzler

    Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter - An easier way to create maps for Civ 6

    This is a bitmap to civ 6 map converter made in C# (works for windows as it's an .exe). I call it the Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter (after some collaboration with Gedemon, the YnAMP guy, who showed me how to created maps in lua) You create your map using Photoshop, Gimp, Paint.NET, MS...
  14. Zobtzler

    Is there any way to create a map without touching the world builder?

    I.e. is there a way to create a custom map using only code (yes, that would mean some 5760 lines of code for every tile on a 96x60 map, but don't worry about that, I already have a method of generating these).
  15. R

    [R&F] IDs for Terrain and a Question

    Greetings, I have just returned to the Civilization series. I was an avid modder of CIV4, but I find the file structure, use of sql and lua to be quite complicated. Firstly, here is my question: Is there a way to take a .lua map script (I.e. ynaep giant earth) and convert it to a...
  16. M

    [BNW] Noob Uploading Maps I made to Steam Workshop Question

    Well to start off, I've been gaming for years, just not on Steam. I already tried to ask Steam Support but all I got was "Steam Support does not offer technical assistance with content creation in the Workshop." and I've searched the Steam Workshop articles and discussions over and over for a...
  17. janboruta

    [R&F] TSL Earth Map - Loading Issues

    I would like to ask for help regarding making a custom map into a working mod. I've built the map in WorldBuilder, utilising the old "Play Your Custom Maps" mod to access it repeatedly - all this, and testing the map with that mod went without a hitch. However, when I set out into making my map...
  18. Val7x

    [R&F] Custom map resource generation

    Hi, I've recently finished a custom map, and am using the "Play your custom maps" mod. I was wondering if there was a way to randomly generate resources on the map (it's a large map), than have to add them manually. I'm not too savvy when it comes to these things and it's my first time making a...
  19. Mr_PeaCH

    Greater customization for random map terrain and resources

    Does anyone know of a mod that will allow greater customization choices for terrain features and resource distribution? Obviously you get world age (old means flatter, young means hillier, more mountains), temperature (hot, normal, cold) water (wet, normal, dry) but the variation in each is...
  20. L

    Creating a custom map from save? (Civ 6)

    I have worldbuilder enabled in Civ 6. When I attempt to open the map from my save game, it does not appear. When I attempt to build a map in worldbuilder, it crashes... :|
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