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  1. A

    how to fix the bug with the appearance of the earth in civ IV

    Hi, while playing civ iv i noticed that the earth is twice as big as it should be. I mean, for example, Europe can be seen from both sides if you look at the earth from space. Another problem that annoys me is how to remove this ice cover at the poles of the map. because Greenland is at the...
  2. A

    [BTS] I would like to make a mod with autonomy.

    Hi, while creating the mod, I came up with the idea of autonomy, i.e. civilizations that can develop the country and earn on raw materials from those areas and create cities. Autonomy, however, would not be able to train or use the army (unless the country to which the autonomy belongs declares...
  3. F

    Yet (not) Another Ley Line Injector - Injecting static Ley Lines to your maps for Civ 6

    This program injects Ley Lines to static maps made with YNAMP with both manual and automatic coordinate selections. My recommendation is to make a map in World Builder and use Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter by Zobtzler to generate the required LUA file. Then use this program to inject...
  4. B

    YnAMP Giant Earth but restricted to Old world with world wrap

    Hi, new to the forums, I'm really interested in playing a "if Columbus was right about geography" map of the world where the Americas don't exist and travelling west of Europe lands you in Asia. I've been using YnAMP's Giant Earth map for the past few months and have really enjoyed its size but...
  5. L

    Convert a savegame (with buildings and all) to a map in world builder ?

    Hello everyone, I have already seen the thread to keep the drawing of the map (, but i would like to keep the worlds wonders and buildings as well ? If anyone...
  6. K

    MapEdit Question on Resizing

    I have either an insurmountable or painfully easy stoppage on a project that I might actually be able to pull off skill-wise, a tribute to Fading Lights, my favorite Civ 2 scenario ever. Problem is, I suck at map creation, and the whole Europe map not appropriate here. So I decided the Kommeni...
  7. Emanuele Bongiovanni

    Adding additional content to a world builder map

    I've created this map with already GS and RF, I also just bought Other civs like Australia, Portugal, Poland and so on, how do I add them to my world builder map?
  8. Set

    WBS To BMP Converter 2021-02-12

    This program generates image files from WorldBuilder saves which can then be fed back through Rhye's BMP to WBS Converter and become WorldBuilder saves again. There are a couple of uses: -You can create bitmaps from other people's maps. Letting you edit them with GIMP/Photoshop. -You can work...
  9. AeonsOfTime

    World Builder - Usage guide 2021

    I have been doing battle with the World Builder for the last few days, and noticed that much of the information out there is outdated. The TZ method for example, can thankfully be thrown into the bin at long last. I thought that we could use a new thread to keep track of the current capabilities...
  10. R

    TerraForm help?

    Does anyone know of Dack is still around? Also, how do I send a PM? I tried 'Start a Conversation', but is that what he means? I'd really like to alter these things, and perhaps even learn _how_ to alter them myself.
  11. vktj

    Python tool to crop a Civ4 map

    Since I am not aware of a readily available tool to take a given Civ4 map, and crop it to a rectangle, I made one myself. This is a Python3 script that will, when given the edges of a rectangle to crop a map to and a Civ4 map on standard input, output, on standard output, a cropped version of...
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