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  1. P

    [GS] Changing a specific map's Map Script -OR- Randomizing resources

    How do I change a custom WorldBuilder map's Map Script? I'm able to finagle it to allow me to change the field, but it won't actually save the setting. Failing that, how can I randomize resources on a map I built in the WorldBuilder? I made a map in the Map Editor named Six Hexes. The concept...
  2. P

    Terra map - steaming pile of script?

    I like the concept of the Terra map script. An earthlike 'old world' where all civilizations start with a 'new world' to explore and settle halfway through the game just seems like fun. Sadly I've been disappointed with the results the Terra map script has given me so far. Here goes: + As...
  3. Soupy Delicious

    What is the intended map script?

    Balance-wise! Which map script gives the most intended resource balance? I just had a nice match with communitu76 (or whichever it is), but I was unsure if the amount of resources there were reflects the intended VP experience.
  4. grubadupa

    [BNW] Map World xxl unreal - remastering!2019

    Witam Pobrałem u Was jakiś czas temu na Forum plik mapy ZIEMIA , nie znam autora. To nie jest moja mapa - posłużyłem się gotową mapą ziemi z forum aby ją zmienić. PRZEROBIŁEM mapę tak iż powiększyłem kontynenty. Zamieniłem kafelki oceanu na kafelki ziemi . Zamknąłem możliwość opłynięcia Euro -...
  5. Craig_Sutter

    [R&F] How is river flow and direction indicated in a map script?

    I am relatively new to Civ 6 modding. I was quite familiar with Civ V and am now trying to move some of my Civ V maps to Civ 6. I have been using some of the utilities provided by modders to translate my maps to Civ V and it has worked very well for the most part... however, I am having a...
  6. Animorganimate

    What is your favorite standard or large map that's the most balanced yet fun?

    I know there's some older threads about favorite maps, but I figure there's new players and new opinions. So what's your favorite map and settings for a fun, balanced game against the A.I. I understand Communitas is supposed to be pretty balanced for Vox Populi, but I'm looking for otheer...
  7. Zobtzler

    Is there any way to create a map without touching the world builder?

    I.e. is there a way to create a custom map using only code (yes, that would mean some 5760 lines of code for every tile on a 96x60 map, but don't worry about that, I already have a method of generating these).
  8. R

    Fantastical 32-VI-27

    Maps with not much bearing on reality. Vast jungles next to icy wastes, etc. Mountains tend to divide regions of differing terrain. Number of deep oceans is controllable. The map is a rendering of a polygonal world--a smaller map is just a lower resolution, therefore has smaller continents...
  9. R

    radioactive contamination

    Does anyone know how to add it to a tile in Lua? I've looked through GameInfo.Features(), and GameInfo.Improvements(), and even GameInfo.Resources(). I also can't find any relevant functions in the TerrainBuilder table. (I'm making a map script.)
  10. D

    [] Problem with huge maps (natural wonder selection)

    Description of occurrence: Current game version on Windows 10 with all official DLC. Huge maps of the continents and fractal types, and possibly others, never spawn the following wonders: Great Barrier Reef, Galapagos Islands, and Ha Long Bay. These wonders spawn correctly on large maps and...
  11. S

    Struggling Trying to Play my Map

    Hey guys, I am ready to pull my hair out. So I have managed to edit HandyVac's Randomized Mediterranean in the Worldbuilder. I was able to play my edited versions using Kantorr's Play Custom Maps mod before this last patch. I have tried using the TZ technique/mod and I have been unsuccessful...
  12. HandyVac

    Randomised British Isles Map v13

    A map with the coastline of the real British Isles, but randomised terrain in the interior. The terrain generator is weighted to approximate the geography and climate of Britain: colder and more mountainous in Scotland, northern England and northern Wales, flatter and warmer toward the south...
  13. Yellownaut

    [BTS] Some Terrain Modding Queries

    Hello there, I'm a long-time CIV4 player who finds modding CIV4 to be a therapeutic way of keeping my mind sharp and logically-focused (always helpful as a computer science student!) whilst winding down my stress. Thus I'm in the process of making a sub-mod for Realism Invictus. I have a large...
  14. NycholusV

    NV's Snowflake Map Script [ALPHA] 0.0 Installation: Copy the folder "NV_Balance_Maps" to your Mods for Civilization 6, usually: Documents » My Games » Sid Meier's Civilization VI » Mods. Open Civilization 6. Click "Additional Content" in the Main Menu. Ensure the checkbox beside "NycholusV's...
  15. djkrose

    Meteor Survival 1.5

    Version: 1.2 Tested with Civilization VI Now also available on Steam Workshop: A meteor crater in the middle of an ice planet with just a small strip of habitable land for all civilizations to batte for. Map script...
  16. Seven05

    Detailed Worlds 2.12

    Detailed worlds is my personal adjustments to several world generation utility functions and customized map scripts with added detail. The primary objective of this mod is to make the world more interesting, particularly with the detailed versions of the included map scripts. Basic Features...
  17. F

    Maps Plus v1.0 - No Ice Locking Etc Version 2.1

    Enhances the vanilla map script to create maps primarily to increase fun For now V1 it is just Pangaea - no polar seas (ie circumnavigate possible) - no "shifting" of Pangaea to prevent excessive snow/tundra formation - civ 5 import- relaxing of tundra and snow rivers to permit a more...
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