medieval units

  1. Jorsalfare

    Iceni units 2022-07-30

    Set of 3 Iceni units. Created by Rob (R8XFT) and released february 26th 2006. Converted from .ace to .zip and re-uploaded by Jorsalfare. Original thread.
  2. Matsuda123

    Egyptian Samurai 2020-12-05

    A hypothetical Egyptian Samurai unit. :) I saw the art for this unit online, made by Loah Salah, and I thought it would be amazing to have in Civ IV. So with the help of MightyToad on skinning and rigging, and me on modeling and tuned up textures, we bring you the Egyptian Samurai. With big...
  3. TyrannusRex

    A Medieval Era upgrade to the Catapult

    It may just be me, but I personally think that Catapults become a teensy bit outmoded by the Medieval Era. Just a little. The way I see it, Catapults are for taking out Ancient Walls, and Bombards are for taking out Renaissance Walls, but Medieval Walls... well, again, maybe this is just my own...
  4. SunniBoi

    Looking for artists to make units

    Hello there. I'm looking for artists who are able to or would be interested in making units complete with animations (audio is optional) These units will be in the genre of medieval and fantasy (such as dragons and spooky wizard lights) If anybody is interested please respond and we can...
  5. Castor_Troy

    My medieval reskin thread

    Well decided its easier like this and it gives an better overall look, also as I need more units, guess I`ll post them here. So here there is everything I ever did regarding reskins of units. Enjoy ;D KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM LINK: Download Jerusalem Dismounted Knight: A reskin after the Templar...
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