1. E

    Civ III Menu Buttons not showing up on new computer

    I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface computer and downloaded Civ 3. Prior I had a Dell Inspirion and had 0 issues outside of the occasional freezing/closing of the game if I became impatient with something. Anyways, I just installed Civ 3 from the CD but now it gets me to the menu screen...
  2. Toastyland

    [Vanilla] (solved) Select menu icon

    Hello, I have tried the challenge of creating my first civilisation mod and everything is going fine so far, except for one thing that I am unsure about. My icon and colors function correctly in-game after you have chosen your civ and started, but on the select menu, my colors do not appear on...
  3. C

    Main Menu Missing

    the starting cinematics work, but when I get to the main menu the menu is missing. I've unsubscribe and manually deleted the mods from my document folder and the folder within the program x86 steam folder. I've made sure my drivers were all updated, but nothing has been working, it's just...
  4. K

    I have big problem

    So, when i start a game after loading to world only thing i can do is move my units. There is no "menu where i can for example make cities with settlers or doing stuff with workers. Its just not here. Neither map or other stuff Here's the image how it looks
  5. Svn Can't See The Screen Menu

    Svn Can't See The Screen Menu

    Here's a bug i've got after installing RI mod with SVN Turtoise, any clue ?
  6. BTS Classical Opening Menu

    BTS Classical Opening Menu

    A different menu option, though I prefer the other one
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