1. M

    combining mods

    I'm trying to merge 2 mods so that I can add a new mod to an existing game but it doesn't seems to work the new mod does nothing but the old mod still works the mods in question are extended policy cards and the extra wild card in dark ages new modinfo: (combined) <?xml version="1.0"...
  2. N

    Help with Size Matters and merging

    I've tried searching the forum for an explanation, but sadly, I really don't get it. In my current game, I'm in ancient times, and my neighbor - a minor civ - has units with the 'size up'-upgrade. When splitting my units, I can get the 'size down'-upgrade, but I can't merge enough units to get...
  3. P

    [BTS] How to Merge These Mods? (RevDCM & Varietas Delectat)

    Hi all, I have spent the past 7 hours trying all sorts of ways to merge these two mods. RevDCM - Uses a DLL. Download: Varietas Delectat (including Ethnic Diversity) - Doesn't have a DLL, just a graphical mod (with some minor...
  4. redneck_diver

    Merging Mods

    I've been working on a method to validate and merge mods with as much automation as possible. This also has the goal of making mods more friendly to Linux systems and people forgetting to put quotes around filenames. Wondering if anyone has already tackled this and I'm just reinventing the...
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