1. A

    [] When you run a Convert Power Plant project as Lincoln you still get a unit.

    Just as the title says, whenever you use the convert power plant project with lincoln you will still get the unit. This is insanely broken because it allows you to print infinite, essentially free, and stronger, melee units. It is also insanely fun to destroy everyone with hoards of infantry...
  2. A

    How do I beat Zombie Defense mode?

    This mode is too difficult for me, and I really need to know how to beat it. What are some tips to beat the zombies and stop them from spawning frequently? Just so you know, I'm playing as Genghis Khan on Prince difficulty and aiming for a military victory. I was close to winning but my save got...
  3. Adamiy

    Scenario Colonization

    Adamiy submitted a new resource: MOD/Scenario Colonization [RF + GS] - The World in the 14th Century, just Before the Colonization of the Americas Read more about this resource...
  4. ebcott

    Memorialize Units

    It would be cool if you can retire veteran units and create a memorial improvement or great work out of them that provides a little yield bonus of some sort.
  5. Duke William of Normandy

    [GS] A Rework of the Military.

    Armies in Civilization 6 aren't as lame to me as Religion. But they could still use improvements. 1. Campaigns and Formations For example, Campaigns would be like the Brusilov Offensive or the Gallic Wars. Players could plan out offensives to quickly sweep up enemy cities and units. However...
  6. bongimus

    [MOD IDEA] Increase CS military levy period

    Thank you for reading, and thanks for all your hard work! You guys have made this game incredibly fun, and I had an idea I was hoping to share with you guys. Would be amazing if the preset 30-turn period can be increased. As this guide points out, there are already some civs like Hungary...
  7. KrumStrashni

    Warfare Expanded Mod Family

    Warfare Expanded has recently been "reloaded" on Steam with many new additions to unit art and cultural variation. We felt it was high time to open a new thread to reflect the mod's development. The mod nod now exists in three modules: Warfare Expanded: Reloaded (basemod); Expansions...
  8. Mklangelo

    [BNW] So it's been a few years...

    But I'm playing again and my favorite game is Babs for the Science win. Some of the strategies I use are, if it can be done in a timely manner is to open both Tradition & Liberty and use them simultaneously as needs dictate. I research Pottery > Writing/Archery and any techs I need to get...
  9. dwcole78

    [Vanilla] Measuring military might

    In civ 4 and 5 you had demographic data along with lists every so often for various things that could help you keep track of where you were compared to the AI. You can do this for victory conditions, tech, social tech, arguably easier in six than in five. I haven't found a good way to keep...
  10. chrisgatt7

    CIV VI Realism and House rules

    I want to start out by saying how much I love CIV VI. Its an amazing game and truly in my opinion the best Civilization game. Though I wish we had the amount of Mods Civilization V does. That being said I love realism, so I have created some basic house rules from the Industrial age onward to...
  11. G

    How to disable military supply feature?

    Title says it all. Doesn't seem like it's balanced very well for the types of games I like to play. Easiest solution for me is just to disable it or disable the penalties which I'm hoping shouldn't be too hard.
  12. A

    Make flags, banners and standards great again

    Throughtout history flags has been the symbol of identity, history and spirit for civilizations,armys units, ships and organisations, on the battlefield its a battlecry, a rallying point with the power to raise or brake morale, sometimes just raising a flag, a banner or the shiney glimps of a...
  13. S

    [request] Habor specialization (like encampment)

    Dear modders/players I don't code but there is a thing I would like to see in this game wich is Port specialization. I really like what thecrazyscot did here : But I would love to push a little bit further with the ability...
  14. Modern Military Advisor

    Modern Military Advisor

    This is found within UITextures.fpk, a modern version of the Military advisor
  15. Medieval Military Advisor

    Medieval Military Advisor

    This is found within UITextures.fpk, a Medieval version of the Military advisor
  16. Exp Farm??? :)

    Exp Farm??? :)

    I put a warrior on that hill after declaring war on him around turn 20, and ever since then he's been locked into war production only... His score has gone up by about 10-15 pts since I Declared. As soon as i get some better military techs that city is going to be a great exp farm!!! :D
  17. China Vs. China

    China Vs. China

    Note the selected rival and military advisor message.
  18. Incan Military

    Incan Military

    Military Advisor: "Let's go bonk some heads!"
  19. Military Adv (Modern)

    Military Adv (Modern)

  20. Military Adv (Ancient)

    Military Adv (Ancient)

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