1. Brixter

    Gaul should have double Mine Tourism but they made a mistake.

    Gaul was meant to have double tourism from mines. If you check the code, you see this. <TraitType>TRAIT_CIVILIZATION_GAUL</TraitType> <ModifierId>GAUL_MINE_TOURISM</ModifierId> <ModifierId>GAUL_MINE_TOURISM</ModifierId>...
  2. Kathy

    Minelayer animations 2020-10-10

    Not a new unit graphic, but a modification of the destroyer.kfm. Makes a unit firing Naval Mines (made by snafusmith) instead of Cannons. I use it for the Repair Ship of Snake B, which is included in this pack as well as the original destroyer. For comments, use my tread.
  3. ATARi144kHz

    C2C v40.1 - how to build up a minefield?

    Hi guys I have a problem. I can't build any land or naval mines and minefields. Conditions are met. I have proper technology, harbor and factory. I don't see them in production window, even with option "Hide Untrainable Units" is turned off in BUG. I also don't see them in the Build List...
  4. billw2015

    FPK live (tm)

    @Toffer90 came up with ingenious suggestion to build the FPKs IN the dll, and I confirmed that this should be in theory possible. What it would mean is: No FPKs in SVN, loose files instead: Faster update, faster commit, easier and faster merge, better history, easier art changes etc. All the...
  5. Public Transportation In And Out Of The Mine

    Public Transportation In And Out Of The Mine

    Public transportation in and out of the mine....:health:?:lol:
  6. Forest and Mine super production

    Forest and Mine super production

    A game bug in version 1.09
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