1. Circinus

    CIV V: How to change minimap background?

    Hi everyone, I recently became interested in modding and creating a custom historical scenario. I've been trying to change the default background of the unexplored minimap in Civ 5 to a custom image/texture, and would really be grateful for some help on how to do this. For clarity, the default...
  2. quikesan

    Is there a way to recenter the minimap?

    Hi I wonder if there is a way to recenter the minimap. Now that I have Cartography, in the minimap I appear in the right border, so some of my cities are in the right of the minimap, but some are in the left, which is a bit uncomfortable.
  3. Jake346

    Request: Better-Looking Minimap

    I don't like the way the minimap looks in Civ VI, largely because it doesn't differentiate between land and water tiles if they're part of someone's territory, so you can't actually see the shape of the land, especially in the late game. I preferred the Civ V minimap that only changed the colour...
  4. Noranda Brown

    Map Offset Glitch

    While playing on a Huge size map, on turn 123 an unmet Civ introduction dialog displayed with Rome. Once I closed that dialog and returned to my game, Rome (which is located on the opposite side of the map as me) was centered in the map. The problem is that my mini-map is now offset with Rome on...
  5. Map Offset Bug

    Map Offset Bug

    After being introduced to a new Civ, my mini-map is now offset with the new Civ on it and I cannot get back to my area of the map. It is as if the map itself shifted about 3/4 to the left. When I try to scroll back, I am blocked.
  6. Demonel

    City size on minimap

    Anybody can help me find how to change cities size on minimap? I found where i can change map size (Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\UI\MinimapPanel.xml) but seems like there are no cities size. Thank you.
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