1. Kathy

    Congreve Missile 2019-06-29

    Two versions of the Congreve missile, an early industrial missile weapon, the first english rocket. One is using a tripad, the other a wheeled gun carriage as base.
  2. Theproracer

    Need Help of Experienced Modder

    Hello I need someone to help me design a missile silo. This would need to be a tile improvement a worker would be able to build, have a maintenance cost of 10 and be able to re base an ICBM from my nuclear expanded 3 mod. Special unit is (ICBMT). This would function the same as the airbase mod...
  3. Infixo

    Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi 1.6

    Mod homepage on CivFanatics New naval units in late-game eras so in each one there's a complete set of specific units (no gaps): Dreadnought - Modern Era, naval ranged. Boat Destroyer - Modern Era, naval melee. Attack Submarine - Atomic Era, submarines. Missile Destroyer - Information Era...
  4. Balthasar

    Monthly Competition for November 2016

    Hey Gang, Everybody tired of voting yet? Too bad, because I'm back with a contest that you just can't stay out of. This month's competition is a battle royale between three great units, and promises to be a very tough choice for everyone. Here are this month's nominees: Vuldacon -...
  5. A

    Nuclear Missile animation bug

    It seems that the animation of starting missile from silos or nuclear submarine is broken. When the missile is being launched often 2 missiles show up. When first is before start another is already launched and changes the direction. Both missiles are in the same place. The missile starting...
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