1. C

    How to Play Civ VI on your Phone

    Hey guys, long time lurker and first time poster. I just posted this same thread in r/civ so I'm gonna shamelessly copy and paste most of it. Basically, this is a tutorial on how to play civ on your phone via remote access to a desktop similar to tutorials posted on here in the past. However, I...
  2. Aspyr_Lucy

    Civilization VI iPad

    Lucy Fernandez submitted a new resource: Civilization VI iPad - Free for 60 turns on iTunes Read more about this resource...
  3. Aspyr_Lucy

    Civilization VI iPad FAQ

    Hey Civfanatics! Aspyr Media here to help answer any and all questions you might have about the iPad version of Civilization VI. First off, here's the info from our FAQ posted on our support page: Technical Requirements Q: Which iPads does this work on? A: Civilization VI requires iOS...
  4. benmichael

    Multiplayer Mobile Client

    My friends and I all live very busy lives. We are mostly married, and have children. We love Civ 5 (and once we're all rich enough, I'm sure we'll love Civ6). We have a pitboss game going with the eight of us, however it takes 3 or more days per move. This is because at any given time, one...
  5. tomekum

    Signum Temporis - 4X style game for Android

    Hi! I am developing a 4X style game for Android called Signum Temporis. It's still work in progress but the basics are done and I am expecting to finish it in December this year. The game is highly inspired by Civilization, Imperialism 2 (art style) and Anno 1602 (resource management). It...
  6. Mobile Artillery Firing

    Mobile Artillery Firing

  7. Mobile SAM

    Mobile SAM

    The Mobile SAM from the Battle for East Asia scenario
  8. Mobile Artillery

    Mobile Artillery

    The Mobile Artillery from the Battle for East Asia scenario
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