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  1. C

    UIErrorTexture and my civ doesnt appear even though its enabled

    I build my mod and it throws 4 UIErrorTexture errors. My civ doesn't appear in the selection screen.
  2. S

    Eureka and inspiration

    Hello! I need someones help to create a mod where the leader get 100% boost from both eurekas and inspiration. So we know Hammurabi gets the 100% boost on eurekas, but I also want the boost on inspiration. thanks in advance
  3. Gameboy2396

    [GS] Named Features Error (new version of Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations) - Test on GitHub here!

    Hello, everyone. So, I have decided to fork Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations for YnAMP, and add new stuff to it, such as favored religions, citizen names, unique diplomacy quotes, and (what's not working right now), named places. The named places system is my favorite new feature in...
  4. ABCD_Carminee

    Need help with ''cannot find asset cooker''

    Hey, i'm new at Civ6, and i want to create a mod with custom leader,etc. I watched a video from Josh Atkins and used his template for the mod, but when i build the mod this error message appearsi have no idea to what to do, so if anyone help me i'll be very grateful.
  5. Gameboy2396

    Help with Citizen Names and Named Places (from GS)

    Hello, I think I could use some help. I am making adjustments to Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations (YnAMP), and I'm adding names for citizens so that the gossip feature works as it should. They were not added into the mod by Gedemon, so I need to do it myself. I have got the named places...
  6. America civ always

    how to edit war greviances peanlity

    how do i edit war greviances peanlty or effect on diplomantic relations, via xml, ive seen mods do it i just want to customize and enjoy it, does anyone know where to go to in files and how to get there and also what to edit and how?
  7. America civ always

    [NFP] how to edit war greviances

    this just for my enjoyment so i will be editing the files, what do i need to edit? how? and how do i get where that is from civ 6 folder in detail please on how to edit greviaces for wars? im looking to minimize them as much as possible, all hekp would be apperciated
  8. America civ always

    [GS] PLEASE HELP editing xml files for yields

    where in the xml files can i find the yields to modify for civilizations (ai) i believe its in a leaders xml but i cannot find the right one unless i am mistaken can someone please give me the correct order of folders and files i need to go to to edit this? i want the AI to be stronger a lot...
  9. O

    Help with civilization traits

    So I used this template: UA_Reference.sql - Google Drive to try and add a special trait to Arabia, but I can't play a game with this mod active as the game won't start. I am trying to give 5 combat boost to Arabian units fighting on desert tiles. SQL...
  10. O

    [GS] What did I do wrong?

    This is a very simple mod to change unique unit stats but I am not sure what I did wrong. So here is the script. I am so new to this, sorry for trouble! SQL UPDATE Units SET Combat = 50, SET RangedCombat = 60, SET BaseMoves = 5, WHERE UnitType = 'UNIT_OTTOMAN_BARBARY_CORSAIR'; Modinfo <?xml...
  11. Pikachaoomega

    Making non Builders have access to building all improvements

    Hi! So I'm very new to modding Civ 6 and sql in general and I've been using the MC_MasterTemplate thats on this site. I was able to figure out how to give builder charges to the unit I want (Missionary) and it can build the Colossal head that the template has as the UI but I can't get it to be...
  12. Emperor Franz

    Porting Help

    So I have been trying for the past several days to port a naval unit (Omaha-class CL to be exact) from CIV IV to CIV V. I have been following the tutorials people have put up as best I can and and currently trying to "Overwrite Meshes from BR2" but every time try to I get this message "Object...
  13. M

    Mods on consoles

    I wonder that is it possible to get mods on consoles? For example is there any way to download mods on ps4?
  14. T

    [BNW] May I have some assistance with deleting certain mods?

    To be specific, some time ago last year (since before August), I downloaded the Community Patch Project and Vox Populi from here, but I just stopped playing Civ for a while, until literally a day after New Year's. I decided to play and found that even when playing unmodded games the UI system...
  15. F

    [BNW] I was hoping for some help with trying to create a religion mod

    After playing numerous large games and wanting more of out religions I decided to try my hand at making a mod myself. I've been lurking through here trying to figure out how to do this. Searching for modding tutorials, tips, tricks..etc but I just can't seem to get it to work. Is there a...
  16. A_Wandering_Man

    [BNW] Improvement_ValidTerrains and ResourceMakesValid talking past each other?

    Hi all, Been working on adding a new improvement in one of my new mods (the Gorons from LoZ), and it appears to be working as intended, besides the fact that it's supposed to only be buildable on Hills. It is instead buildable on Hills and non-Hill tiles with the resources it is meant to...
  17. W

    [GS] Need help with fixing Syntax Error

    A bit of backstory behind the mod... Playing as Kupe, i reached a point where i had enough GPP to recruit a Great Writer, but due to the Mana trait of Maori you are not allowed to get Great Writers, meaning i were soft locked as i could not end the turn. So to fix this, i wanted to make a small...
  18. SpaceCommunist

    Mysterious Constraint Failures!

    Hi all, I've been working to update some of my mods on the workshop and I'm having a bit of trouble. Despite my best efforts, the mod(s, it's split in two) crash(es) due to some apparently unseen constraint failures. Here's the text from the Database.log file: Basically, what I'm dealing...
  19. D

    Windows 10 - Test of Time - Graphics Mod Not Working

    Hello, I am trying to install the 'Graphics Mod Pack for the Original Game' from Catfish's Cave like I've done on Windows 7 and before it. Before, on several operating systems up to Windows 7, I had zero problems following the directions perfectly and had no hiccups; the game would run fine...
  20. P

    [BNW] Free Promotion through traits

    TL;DR: How do I add promotions to ONLY civilian or specific unit types THROUGH a civ's trait ability? I don't think I am running into any kind of bug, I just don't know the proper methodology. The solution should only be xml or sql based. If this is not possible, let me know...
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