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  1. F

    Strange behaviour with improvement requirement in MC's civ template?

    I am currently trying to make an improvement that gives a great person point when adjacent to a district. This doesnt exist in the base game yet so im doing a lot of trying stuff, nothing so far works - without a requirement obviously it works fine, but with just the bare bones INSERT INTO...
  2. Jeremy Tusant

    Which trait would you give Israel?

    I'm trying to edit/mod a Civ in CivIII to match the Civilization of Israel for myself to play with. David or Solomon as the leader, I've pulled the list of the 10 largest current cities in Israel and can use those for my first 10 cities, the rest will come from well known locations in Israel...
  3. SlySlySly

    How to make a civ and leader?

    Hello. I want to know how to make a civilization and a leader. Many people would likely say, "the SDK has a template of it." Sadly, I'm on a mac so it won't help me. I want to know the basic coding structure and what it requires. If someone would be willing to put together a very simple template...
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