1. kine100

    Modern French infantry units 2022-03-15

    Modern French infantry units: Infantry/ Paratroops/ Mountain troops/ Heavy machine gun units Discuss here animation infos are in the folders. Always thanks for Walter Hawkwood's tutoring how to animate the units. M2 Browning Cal. 50 heavy machine gun unit and infantry about... in early 90...
  2. kine100

    Russian modernized infantries in 90s and present 03-28-2021

    Russian modern infantries from 90s-present using marines.kfm Thread posted here Pixelated camo would look like a flecktarn pattern and still thinking how to give it a proper look.
  3. Lt_Karan

    SUPERPOWERS: Clash of Civilizations [REVIVED/MP Compatible]

    (Community Edition) Current Version: 1.0 Original Author: Lincoln_lyf A Total Conversion Modpack originally created by the amazing Lincoln_Lyf, with a special emphasis on strengthening the core Economic, Military and Political gameplay of Civilization V, while ensuring longevity and heaps of...
  4. GreatLordofPie

    Earth 20/20 1.22

    A new modern day mod based on BarbarianKing's classic Earth 2010 mod, using Genghis Kai's Giant Earth Map as a base, providing BUG, RevDCM, BetterAI, and other features. For news, hotfixes, or if you want to download "version 1.0" (without the bells and whistles) check out the Discussion...
  5. Louis the XIV

    [MOD] Historia Vincit

    I'm Sorry to announce that I have given up this mod, also after the 1.4 Update it has a lot of the civs don't have UU's because of a bug. If anyone wants to use anything from this mod they are free to do so. If you are interested in another project by me check out Rhye's and Fall of Spain. Of...
  6. Louis the XIV

    Historia Vincit 1.4

    I'm sorry to announce that I have given up working on this mod because I took up a new project that takes up more time, and the 1.4 version has too many bugs. This is Historical Mod I have been working on for months. (Pics Below) Thread Link with detailed explanation: Discussion Thread...
  7. nguyenforthewin13

    [BNW] Europe 2014

    After many months of work, I finally have completed my Europe 2014 mod and published it to the Steam Workshop. Link to Europe 2014: Credit to: Stephen, TPangolin, Viregel for Earth 2014 components Rixtixaxis for Europe 154 x...
  8. nguyenforthewin13

    [BNW] Europe 2014 Mod Leader Icons Help

    For the past two weeks, I have been making a Europe 2014 mod, based off of the famed Earth 2014 mod on Steam. I am very far along, and now because I'm leaving to France for two weeks, where modding will be impossible, I'm asking for some help. Basically, I've completed the vast majority of the...
  9. sman1975

    Late Game Unit Pack V1

    Late-Game Unit Pack (LGUP) adds 32 units to the Modern, Atomic, and Information Eras to add more variety and color to the latter game experience. In a normal game, the Info Era tends to fly by rather quickly – with just a handful of units available. This really robs players of a chance to...
  10. Mobfire

    Basic Modern Civilizations for YnAMP Steamworshop

    Features: Adds over 63 simple modern Civilizations to the game, replacing vanilla civs. Built-in compatibility with YnAMP (TSL for Giant Earth, Greatest Earth, and Play Europe Again maps) but can be played with any map. Each civilization is identical in terms of gameplay (no unique units...
  11. christos200

    [RD] Ask a Greek about Greek history

    As the thread's title says, I am Greek. I study History and Archaeology in Uni (and hopefully I will major in Byzantine History). I will answer questions people have about Greek history. The periods in Greek history are Ancient (Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic), Byzantine and Modern. The period...
  12. Zerver

    T14 "Armata" 2017-02-19

    Requested by Bananass. Thread: Uses vanilla modern armor animations.
  13. Mosile

    Mosile's Half-fast Icons.

    Hello, I am Mosile and here are a bunch of icons I made n Photoshop. Feel free to use in any potential mods you will be making. They aren't masterpieces and are mostly just stuff i find on google photoshopped to look like Civ icons. Air Brigade Brig of War Flailman Tank Destoryer...
  14. Mid-evil  Swords Vs Modern Machine

    Mid-evil Swords Vs Modern Machine

    I thought this was humorous and tried to get a screen shot as fast as I Could. Very funny to see the swords banging against the metal armor.
  15. Modern Battlefield

    Modern Battlefield

  16. Tanks Of Justice

    Tanks Of Justice

    Check the game with longest cultural victory, this one is from it. All Africa was wiped out with nuclear weapons and the cities destroyed.
  17. Red Sun

    Red Sun

    This is my way to play my favorite game - nuclear way :)
  18. Ready To War

    Ready To War

    This is me preparing to war with mighty Russians
  19. Modern Era

    Modern Era

    When you advance in the modern era, a picture of a digital clock would appear.
  20. Modern Wonders

    Modern Wonders

    Seven wonders of the modern age
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