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  1. Duke William of Normandy

    My proposal on how to bring more Civilizations into the Civilization Franchise.

    So, basically, the proposal I have and the premise of this thread will be based on two ideas: Make it so that if a Civilization isn't in a game, it can appear as a City-State. For example, if I have Gathering Storm, but I don't have Sweden in that game, there is a chance that either...
  2. pineappledan

    MC and LITE's Nubia for VP 20

    Adds Nubia, led by Piye as a playable civilization Unique Ability - Ta-Seti Unique Unit - Pitati Unique Improvement - Royal Pyramid More details in the discussion thread This Mod is a modifed version of MC and LITE's custom civ. It has been tweaked for compatibility with Gazebo's Community...
  3. pineappledan

    MC and LITE's Nubia for VP

    Nubia, led by Piye Original Mod Download Here UA: Ta-Seti Archery Units cost +15% less :c5production: Production +2:c5production: and +10%:c5production: Production in cities with a Garrison. Gain +500:c5goldenage: Golden Age Points and +5XP for all Units for each World Wonder in a newly...
  4. pineappledan

    More Civilizations' Macedon for VP

    Adds Macedon, led by Alexander, to Civ 5. Requires Vox Populi. Download here See the forum post for more details Credits: Pouakai: Base Code. Janboruta: Art (All icons). JFD: Lua. Tomatekh: Lua (E&D). Wolfdog: Unit Model. einayim: Text (Civilopedias). DarthKyofu: Text (Civilopedias), TSL...
  5. pineappledan

    More Civilizations' Macedonian Empire for VP

    PREFACE: The art and code for this mod is the work of Pouakai, Sukritact, Janboruta, and many more, as part of their larger Greek Split mod. The use of these assets has been granted by Pouakai and Janboruta, but approval from Sukritact is still pending. Should Sukritact, or any of the other...
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