1. adan_eslavo

    Alternative Component Names for VP

    ALTERNATIVE COMPONENT NAMES FOR VP This mod has one purpose: to add more flavour to the game. Firaxis texts are not accurate or do not correspond to times when king or other ruler lived, or to language he used. This mod fixes that using native names for units, building, leaders and...
  2. adan_eslavo


    CAPTURE+++ @awesomejj101 made on Steam very useful mod. It makes capturing all civilian units possible. Now you can capture settlers (as settlers instead of workers), and also Great People (Unique Great People too), diplomatic and religious units, and spaceship parts! I adapted it to the most...
  3. adan_eslavo

    Capture+++ v5

    Link to the original mod I reworked this very useful mod from @awesomejj101. His/her version is available on Steam. This version is adapted to VP, VPEE, MUCfVP and @pineappledan's Israel civilization mod. See changelog for more info. Enjoy!
  4. adan_eslavo

    Compatibility patches

    I would like to merge VPEE compatibility patch into MUCfVP mod and create ENW small compatibility update too. I only wonder how to code that because if I just put the code then it will throw errors for people who do not use fe. VPEE. Is it possible to code smth like: if VPEE is enabled then...
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