1. G

    My Take on "Immersive Empire Names"

    I left a rather lengthy comment on a recent JumboPixel video about the upcoming update, which will supposedly include a mechanic for consistent, era-crossing empire identifiers. I thought it might be worth sharing here to get others' thoughts on how I've come to think of the whole...
  2. Gameboy2396

    Help with Citizen Names and Named Places (from GS)

    Hello, I think I could use some help. I am making adjustments to Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations (YnAMP), and I'm adding names for citizens so that the gossip feature works as it should. They were not added into the mod by Gedemon, so I need to do it myself. I have got the named places...
  3. TyrannusRex

    (France/England) and (Mongolia/China)

    Is there a mod or something that can remove those (to me, personally) mega-annoying (parentheticals) beside Eleanor's and Kublai's names? Honestly the one thing I hope they fix before Firaxis ends support for this game.
  4. TyrannusRex

    Naming Spies, Archaeologists, etc.

    Is there a way that civilizations get names for their Spies & Archaeologists? They seem to be different from the 20 or so "citizen names" that the wiki gives for each civilization (that I believe are drawn from for delegate names).
  5. W

    [GS] Changing Names

    Is there a way you can change the name of a civilization, unit, and/or leader. For example: In the original game, it's Sumeria, Trader, and TEDDY Roosevelt. But I wish to them change them to: Mesopotamia, Merchant, and THEODORE Roosevelt, respectively. I think you can go into the .xml files...
  6. A

    [R&F] [] City Names No Longer Show

    After installing the March 2018 update and booting a game file from before the update, I noticed that the headers of each city are no longer there, only the image of the city remains. I can't click the name above each city to change production and I can't see loyalty, the population circle...
  7. nzcamel

    Two spies with the same name []

    Not a biggy, but def a nuisance. I have two Nils!
  8. S

    Mod that lets you name units without waiting for promotions

    Hi, It would be really nice for me If I could name my units without waiting until a unit gets a promotion. I just build a unit and I can name it immediately after building. Later I can also change this name. The system which was in Civ4 was perfect for me (I was clicking on a units name and...
  9. R

    YnAMP sub-project: True location corresponding city names

    Does the following sound familiar to you? You play one of YnAMP real world maps and then found your second city of Hamburg just to be automatically named it "Munich". So you open up the city screen and change the name yourself. And then, you found an other city somewhere inlands, but you're not...
  10. dexters

    Civ6 UI Fix Requests

    So I'm a bit surprised for a game that feels and plays relatively polished, and certainly the least broken Civ released since forever, this game has some really weird UI quirks that seems like it was intentionally done a certain way only to be patched out later. Here's my list. I'll...
  11. Chrisy15

    C16C - Chrisy15's Civilisations for Civ 6

    The Kingdom of Chrisy15's Civilisations Map Soontm Land of Chrisy15, Imperial Chancellor (most of the time), Viceroy of the Commonwealth, Lugal of Sumer and Akkad, Limmu of Assyria, Patron of Kenshin Capital: Nineveh International Relations Civilizations Assyria - With ChimpanG and...
  12. bcaiko

    Can't rename cities?

    In IGN's pre-review, Dan Stapleton mentions this awful bit of news: If there’s one aspect I’m less than enthusiastic about right now (other than that you can’t rename cities)... Although I suspect I know the reasons why, I cannot fully vent my sadness over this. Part of what's fun about Civ6...
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