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native america

  1. Queen Theophania

    A few concepts for Native American City States

    Hey y'all, this forum might not be the best place to put this (and if it isn't then the mods are totally free to move this thread) but I want to make a mod that adds several Native American City States (from both North and South America). I originally only wanted to ashow this to Zaarin to ask...
  2. seasnake

    [BTS] Three Native Leaters

    Due to personal reasons, I am unable to finish a mod I started a long time ago. There are a few LHs I made that I thought may be useful to the community: Poundmaker, Popay, and Tuskaloosa of the Cree, Pueblo and Mississippi respectively. My mod turned the current Native American Empire in the...
  3. Liufeng

    Unoffical Civ VI poll. Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see. Part VIII : North America

    Hello everyone ! I'm sorry for the delay, but I had a sudden huge load of work, and could simply not do the poll in time ... But here it is, the poll on North american civs you most want ! Yay ! But please be aware of two important things : - this poll is about NATIVE american civs, so please...
  4. Liufeng

    Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see (Part VIII : Native North America) ?

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the new poll of your 3 most wanted civs for Civilization VI. In part 8, we will discuss on Native americans from North America, which globally means continental USA and Canada. Please know that seeing the huge number of cultures, I had to be very selective on the...
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