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  1. MaverickMods

    Pokemon Civilizations - The Kanto Region .5 alpha

    The Kanto Region has arrived! This mod is currently in it's Alpha state. Bugfixs will be uploaded periodically. Forum Post Contents ---------------- 1 New Civilization (Player + AI) 1st Generation Pokemon 30+ New Units (unique and replacers) Generous output on unique buildings (Pyramid of...
  2. MaverickMods

    Pokemon Civilizations - The Alola Region .7 Alpha

    This mod is currently in it's Alpha state. Bugfixs will be uploaded periodically. New Pokemon will be added later. All buildings/units may be subject to change. Contents ----------------- 1 New Civilization (Player + AI) 7th Generation Pokemon, with select Gen 1, 4 & 6 Pokemon. 30+ New Units...
  3. gwennog

    G&H's Catalonia for Vox Populi

    Catalonia Download here Leader - Guifré I el Pelut UA - Consolat de Mar +15 :c5culture: Culture when titles purchased and +30 :c5gold: Gold when earned (scaling with Era). Each tile acquired give a boost to the progression of each :c5greatperson: Great People in the city...
  4. L

    Problem with debugging simple civilzation mod

    Recently I regain my interest in Civilization V and modding it I tried to make a simple mod that adds civilization with modBuddy. Actually, I did some experiments before, like making some changes in used mods or changing one civ into a complete different one by modifying its colors, icon, trait...
  5. Cuica

    [BNW] Help making Great Musician award culture, faith, gold, and science when used.

    Hello, all. I'm new to the forum and mod making for Civ5 and I want to make my own civ. I've got a decent understanding of xml but I am new to lua. I am assuming that the feature I'm trying to implement is only possible with a lua script. One of my civ's unique units replaces the Great...
  6. unartis

    Earth Fantasy Mod(EFM) 2020-05-01

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Attention! This mod (EFM) contained basic errors, so I closed it. If you saw fantasy in EFM but didn't enjoy the game because of the bugs, you can give...
  7. K


    Hello all So I started modding literally couple of days ago, and I wanted to create a new civilization using a template.. but that didn't work, and then I literally took another mod and copied everything with a slight few changes but that didn't work either. of course I changed the mod id...
  8. jarcast2

    Jarcast's The Kalbids 3.4

    Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS Steam workshop: link . For comments and suggestions you can reply in the dedicated thread.
  9. TyrannusRex

    Who would lead Assyria?

    Just give me an explanation as to who you would pick to lead Assyria, with justification as to why. If they've never led the civ in-game before, that's even better, but feel free to vouch for any Assyrian monarch at all.
  10. TyrannusRex

    Ideas for Serbian Leader/Civilization

    This one mostly came about because of my wanting to learn more about Serbia and its history. If there are any Serbs on here, I'd love to hear what elements of your culture and history would best represent your homeland in Civ VI.
  11. TyrannusRex

    How about Thrace?

    I've been trying to brainstorm ideas for Thrace. Admittedly, the idea only came to mind because I really want to use peltasts in Civ. Let's make a civ, shall we?
  12. HagPuppy89

    [BNW] [HELP] New Civ - No Science, No Research

    Hello, I recently created my own mod for CIV5 (I can't run CIV6 on my computer). I start a match with the mod enabled with my "New Civ" and when I am required to choose a production, the choose production UI pulls up but it is entirely blank. I can't even choose to convert production into...
  13. halfhalfharp

    New civilization idea: Assyria

    Let's get Assyria return to CIVILIZATION. Depicted as cruel butchers in the bible and many Mesopotamian records, ancient Assyrian empire was decadent from more ancient Akkadian influence and a military nation. Having the earliest records of using siege towers, they were rightfully feared in the...
  14. clapyourhands

    An Analysis of Returning Civs

    I thought it would be interesting to rate each of the series' civs in the frequency and timespan of their returns and create a descending list of sorts to see if there would be any predictive value in it. The two points of interest were 1) if the civ returned at all in a subsequent game and 2)...
  15. Toussaint10326

    Toussaint's Upcoming Mods

    This mod will add Judah as a Civilization and it will offer three leaders: Hezekiah, Josiah, and Jehoshaphat. It is still early development and Josiah is the only leader with art so far. More info to come.
  16. Toussaint10326

    Shaka of the Zulu 1.0

    This mod adds the Zulu lead by Shaka, the menacing warlord who conquered all of South Africa, and struck fear into all those that heard his name. Uniques UU: Impi. Unique Medieval Era Anti-Cavalry unit that replaces the Pikeman. Due to Shaka's love of these soldiers, they are very cheap to...
  17. Toussaint10326

    Dido of Carthage 1.0

    Adds Carthage lead by Queen Dido to the game. She is an aggressive expansionist who will stop at nothing to steal your land. Be careful if you plan to befriend her. When she is enabled the Carthage City-State is replaced by the Tunis City-State. Uniques CUUs: Carthage's unique units include...
  18. FonziScheme

    Fonzi's Fate (TypeMoon) Themed Civs

    Hi, So... many... spoilers! For all of the Fate franchise. You've been warned. This is my first set of mods I've ever made. I'm still playing them to test everything, but the actual coding and stuff appears to be working without an issue. I suppose the biggest disclaimer I should have upfront...
  19. RFormica

    RFormica's Civilizations and Leaders

    RFormica's Civilizations and Leaders (Click links for steam download) Edward IV (England)
  20. Toussaint10326

    Toussaint's Maya 1.0

    This mod adds the Mayan Empire lead by Pacal the Great. Pacal is responsible for many of the Wonders and Artifacts that we see today. Uniques UU: Atlatlist. The Atlatlist replaces the Archer, and it is significantly more powerful. It, however, is weaker when attacked by melee units. UU...
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