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  1. fredrikslicer

    Never before seen poll

    Had a longer list but wasn´t able to select so many options
  2. D

    where i can find new civilization that are still working ?

    hello i'am new here so sorry if this the wrong place to ask but where can i find new civilization that are still working ? because i want tho play a "neutral" civilization that are not on the game preferably a civ in Europe (Christian period) or in North Africa (Islamic period) thank you...
  3. Ever Adrift

    [R&F] Your Favorites Among the New Civs

    Now that R&F has been out for a bit and many of us have had time to get used to the new systems and try the civs we were most excited about, I am curious as to what civs people have enjoyed the most. Aside from the poll, please feel free to explain what you like about them, how best to play...
  4. Geron_Grishata

    Let's make things more interesting.......... in Civ6

    Making Bold Propositions I've been a big fan of the civilization series for a long time. But i was always bugged by the fact that some important countries/civilizations were missing. One example i can give is with the Byzantine Empire, though they added it in the last 3 games (Civilization -...
  5. HagPuppy89

    [BNW] [HELP] New Civ - No Science, No Research

    Hello, I recently created my own mod for CIV5 (I can't run CIV6 on my computer). I start a match with the mod enabled with my "New Civ" and when I am required to choose a production, the choose production UI pulls up but it is entirely blank. I can't even choose to convert production into...
  6. Jeremy Tusant

    Which trait would you give Israel?

    I'm trying to edit/mod a Civ in CivIII to match the Civilization of Israel for myself to play with. David or Solomon as the leader, I've pulled the list of the 10 largest current cities in Israel and can use those for my first 10 cities, the rest will come from well known locations in Israel...
  7. PancakePuppy

    New Leader Idea: Adolf Hitler

    Ok first of all I know this would be a pretty...unorthodox leader to say the least. It might even get the game banned in Germany but I would really LOVE to see him as a Civ Leader in a future game. Some of these ideas might seem rude to some people but keep in mind that its just an innocent...
  8. T

    World War 2 Modpack 16 New Leaders 18 Units and 4 buildings V1.8.1

    World War Two Leaders Mod-pack WW2 Mod - 16 new leaders from World War Two, 17 new units and 4 new buildings. WW2 Mod - 16 new leaders from World War Two, 17 new units and 4 new buildings. This mod is adds new leaders for almost all civ 6 civilizations. 16 new leaders 17 new units, 4...
  9. Homusubi

    Rising Sun: Civilisations of Old Japan - Arigato Update 5.0

    Updated 05/01/17: Arigato Update! (Use instead of previous Rising Sun versions) Arigato Update Changelog -Added a TSL Japan map featuring all the civs except Ryukyu. (The Ikko-ikki start at Nagashima) -Reworked all the icons. -The alpha icons are now proper kamon instead of pixelated...
  10. S

    7 North Sea Civs

    I've made 7 working civilizations which I intend to use in a scenario. They are: The art that these Civs utilize is all recycled from the game, but if possible, I would like custom art. Art is not a strong suit of mine, so I'm appealing to any artists who want to show their stuff. I'm...
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