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  1. R

    [NFP] (Linux) Game crashing since I bought New Frontier Pass, can't even get to the leader loading screen

    So yeah, that's weird. I had Platinum Edition and it worked fine on my laptop, played quite a few turns on it, restarted multiple times, no problem After that I bought New Frontier Pass and as the title says, I can't play anymore. I can get into main menu just fine, tinker with options and...
  2. T

    [] Zombie Defense - Zombies spawning on top of units

    Deity, Marathon, Pangaea, Game modes: Heroes, Zombies, Ages, Societies My guess is that the entire land mass is covered in zombies, as they died up against the zombies I had converted with apostals and the hero twins they began spawning on the tiles my troops were occupying. The zombies would...
  3. TyrannusRex

    [NFP] Unusual graphical glitches on leaders

    I was playing a Zombie Defense game today and on certain occasions a couple of the other leaders... had some issues. I'll just put these here and let it speak for itself. Mansa Musa's were always temporary, Frederick's was permanent.
  4. TyrannusRex

    ( Graphical glitch occurring with most major in-game actions

    My machine: HP Laptop Model 17-by3065st Intel Core i5 10th Gen Windows 10 After installing today's Portugal Pack and starting a new game, I began experiencing a recurrent graphical glitch, consisting of a tannish-colored flash obscuring the Civics menu for less than a second, almost as if the...
  5. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Portugal Developer Livestream Discussion

    Twitter announcement Note: Thread is now unlocked. Twitch Stream: Youtube Stream: Facebook Stream: Twitter Stream:
  6. Zegangani

    ALL Bugs, AI actions and UI Elements in Civ VI we want to have fixed

    Since Civ VI Developers are constantly checking this Community for Feedback and Suggestions from CivFanatics (Civ/ Leader & CS Pickers, Barbarian Mode...etc), and the Bugs Section to gather more Infos about the Bugs...etc, I thought it might be a good Idea to make a Thread just to submit ALL the...
  7. Zegangani

    [NFP] How satisfied are you with NFP (So far - Updates included)?

    It's been 9 Months now since we got the 1st NFP Pack, The Maya-GrandColumbia Pack with Apocalypse Mode, and now, so far, we got 7 new Civilizations, 10 new Leaders/Alt-Leaders, 7 new Game Modes, 1 new Scenario and plenty of other Stuff (Bug and Balance Fixes, New Features, improved AI...etc)...
  8. Flactine

    [NFP] Can heroes' ability use on common units?

    I want English Seadog can capture enemies like Hunahpu (Enemy resurrected under control with full HP and movement), but directly put the ability to Seadog is noneffective. I tried on Sumerian war cart, but failed too.
  9. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack (January 2021) - Patch Notes Discussion

    OVERVIEW This new content pack introduces Bà Triệu as the leader of Vietnam and Kublai Khan as an alternate leader of either China or Mongolia. Also included is the new Monopolies and Corporations game mode, as well as a new district (The Preserve), with new buildings (the Grove and the...
  10. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] Who do you think will be Vietnam's Leader?

    The title says it all. In anticipation of this month's NFP Pack, I have created a poll outlining various Leaders possible for Vietnam. Type out a post explaining who you want to lead Vietnam and why you want them.
  11. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] You Rank the New Frontier Pass Civs (and Leaders)

    Okay, so ranking Civilzations is difficult, due to the insane amount of factors you can take into account. Attempting to rank them based on general quality is even more difficult, as it's a combination of all those factors. And, depending on person to person, not only does subjectivity take...
  12. CivLifeRyoutube

    Civ 6 Sumeria Deity Tips and Tricks!

    Sumeria is another one of those OG civs that seem to have lost its shine after countless expansions. Despite the fact that there are better domination civs (like Gran Colombia) and better science civs (like the Mayans), Gilgamesh is still the best at what he is built for... ANCIENT ERA WARFARE...
  13. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] What Civilizations do you want to see next? And do you want Civilization 6 to be expanded more? 3

    Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Heartbeat of Steel Usman dan Fodio of the Sokoto Empire Toussaint Louverture of the Haitian Empire Manuelito of the Navajo Empire Taksin of the Siamese Empire Rama II of the Siam Empire Jose Rizal of the Philippine Empire Jose Artigas of...
  14. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] Possible Barbarian Mode in February?

    @robal1991 has just recently been posting new tables that have been discovered. From the code here, it seems like the February update is going to bring many changes to Barbarians and Tribes. CREATE TABLE "BarbarianTribe_MapConditions" ( "MapConditionSetType" TEXT NOT NULL...
  15. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] What Civilizations do you want to see next? And do you want Civilization 6 to be expanded more? 2

    Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Old Faith Masinissa of the Numidian Empire Hywel Dda of the Welsh Empire Oda Nobunaga of the Japanese Empire Puduhepa of the Hittite Empire Ahmad Shah Durrani of the Afghan Empire Jan Zizka of the Bohemian Empire Charles IV of the...
  16. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] What do you feel about the November Pack?

    So the Civilization 6 team has released a video about the November Pack, and I've got to say, it has some very interesting features. Specifically, the Heroes and Legends mode, where you get to pick mythological heroes as special great people. What are your thoughts on this?
  17. CivLifeRyoutube

    Civ 6 Deity Tank Only Challenge

    I decided to try a tank only challenge where the rules were: Huge map Maximum amount of civs I could put on the map Deity Difficulty Continents map Epic game speed (it took me 50 turns just to get modern armor and reveal the whole map) I can only use one modern armor unit to try to take...
  18. CivLifeRyoutube

    Mongolia Domination Guide (Diety)

    Mongolia is one of the best domination civs in the entire game you can book it.... OVERVIEW Ever since gathering storm and new frontier, I feel like a lot of the earlier civs get overlooked from power rankings because of the new mechanics and power crawl introduced in the last 2 DLCs (Looking...
  19. Cooleatack

    Game Modes have great concepts - Are incredibly lackluster

    The latest patch added yet another game mode with a good idea, but poor execution/ which is incredibly lackluster. I would like to share my views and see what the community has to say about the topic. I feel like they could have added so much more content and interactions to all three paid...
  20. AaronTBD

    The NFP Wonder Discussion Thread

    I don't know if this qualifies to be separate from the main discussion thread cause I want this thread to be independent from the thread and made specifically of wonders, but basically I want you guys to bring suggestions of what wonders you want for September and March.
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