1. O

    Help with Installing a modpack for singleplayer

    Hi all, This is the first time I've attempted to create a modpack for use in single-player games. I want to earn achievements while playing with my favorite mods, so I found these threads on creating and installing modpacks.
  2. M

    Which AI mods to install (and others)

    Hello civ-people! I restarted this game after having it barely played eons ago. I have a bunch of expansion packs but what mods should I install? I'm looking for more human like AI and graphic enhancements and sensible (whatever they are) tweaks are always welcome too. I remember I felt years...
  3. R82

    [BTS] So it's 2019 (ok, almost over now), and I just got into Civ4. Yes, I'm weird.

    Hi Everyone, being the kinda strange person that I am, I decided to start playing Civ4 about 14 years after it came out. I had originally started playing Civ3 around 2004, but when Civ4 came out, first I wasn't sure if it would run on my computer at the time (I've basically always used...
  4. T

    [BNW] newbie to lua, what's wrong with this script?

    I'm using whoward's dll. I want to run an action when a great person is born, but it says "attempt to index local iUnit (a number value), isn't this the right way to ask? function TestGiveGPFaith(iPlayer, iUnit, iUnitType, iPlotX, iPlotY) print("unit spotted") if iUnit:IsGreatPerson()...
  5. M

    Why to stick with one tree?

    Hi there, I am new in VP and try to read as much as I can in order to have valuable opinions about the game mechanics. One thing that I couldn't understand very well is why the experts insist to stick one complete ancient era. Here is my thinking. I believe with only one city it is much...
  6. D

    [BNW] What mods should a newbie use?

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to civ 5 (BNW), played a couple games so far. As far as I can see, it's a great game, only problems that are immediately apparent to me is AI in combat and that diplomacy is over simplistic. So, I decided to wade into the world of mods and there are really a lot of...
  7. vintage_gamer

    Great person farm advice?

    Civ 4 (vanilla) is the 1st game in the series I tried. I've read through about the 2 most recent pages of threads but can't seem to get past Noble. The game I'm playing now is noble, huge, continents, Indian woman (spiritual organized) as leader. What could I do differently to be better? I...
  8. TenaciousHugo

    [BTS] Need some help with my start on GEM as England

    Game settings: Difficulty = Noble Size = Huge Map = Giant Earth Map (Ancient Resources) Speed = Marathon Nation = England (Techs are Fishing and Mining) Any tips for this start? I've got one Wheat NE (London will be the reference point unless otherwise specified), another 2 N and one more SW...
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