1. T

    Idea Spittballing for New Civ

    Civ: USSR Leader: Mikhail Gorbachev Leader Ability: Glasnost: All civs have +1 Diplomatic Visibility with you. Markets provide triple yields and up to 3 extra trade routes depending on your government level, you cannot build banks or stock exchanges. +2 amenities in all cities with a level 2...
  2. Louis the XIV

    [MODULAR] Hungary 1.0

    Thread where you can request your civ Hungary Leaders: -Istvan -Matthias Corvin -Kossuth Lajos Unit: Huszar replaces Cuirassier Building: Vegvar replaces Castle Color: Dark Green Modular. Enjoy!
  3. Louis the XIV

    [NEWCIV] Louis's Civ Request Thread

    Hi! Here I will be posting all of my new modular civilization. You can also request civs here if you feel like it and I will try to complete them, but I am only doing 1 civ a day. All the civs are only compatible with BTS 3.19 and are modular. To make your mod modular you will need to edit the...
  4. MinhazMurks

    [BNW] Need Help with creating a new civ

    Hello I'm trying to create a mod that creates a civilization from the Shoshone, but I'm running into errors. I know it has something to do with the units but i'm not sure what to do about it. Here are all the xml files and log files
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