1. fairmanfour

    Nigerian Civilisation, Film Studio District, Great Filmmakers and Wonders

    So I had an idea about how to include Film into the game, as it has been an important cultural and political tool for over a century at this point. It would work in a similar way to the Theatre Square and the Great Writers/Artists/Musicians, unlocked in the Modern Era, and becomes very powerful...
  2. A

    AfricanManBeast's Republic of Biafra

    The Republic of Biafra was a secessionist state from Nigeria. It's attempted secession to create a nation-state for the Igbos of Southeast Nigeria who were discriminated against from the other ethnic groups. Biafra's attempted secession from Nigeria eventually embroiled it and Nigeria in a civil...
  3. Noobventures Gaming

    Begin Wresting Control of Central Africa | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Nigeria W/ TSL

    Here goes! Also, any advice on what I could do to help improve my writing would be appreciated because a group of friends and I also have a blog where we post this kind of stuff. Begin Wresting Control of Central Africa | Civilization V Gameplay Part 1 Noobventures Gaming Blog This game starts...
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