nuclear weapons

  1. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 349: Unfashionably Late

    The three hundred-and-forty-ninth episode of PolyCast, “Unfashionably Late“, features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: Forum Talk – 00h01m28s | Which AI Civilizations do the CivFanatics Readership Think...
  2. Qarnix

    How to intercept nukes

    I have done some research on intercepting nukes. I wrote a complete research document on the issue that you can find here, including the save game used for testing. the conclusions of the document is: There...
  3. CallMeDale

    Gandhi contemplates reincarnation (pic)

    This showed up as part of the April fools fake generated posts on tumblr but it fits for nuclear Gandhi so I’m sharing it
  4. nauberry

    [R&F] AI Nuking only one city repeatedly

    Has anyone else noticed the issue, that when AI uses nukes, it only nukes one city over and over again? I Think this might be a bug in the code, as on my recent deity game Greece has bombed my city each turn with three nukes, even though there are many other cities near by they could wipe off...
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