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    Over The Reich JPetroski vs. Prof. Garfield

    Here's a new game of Over the Reich: JPetroski (Allies) vs. Prof. Garfield (Germans) JPetroski Turn 1: A few targets hit in the Ruhr and a U-Boat sunk. Prof Garfield Turn 1: Attacked a couple bombers, nothing killed. Other Stuff: I've attached the current OTR scenario; as well as a what...
  2. JPetroski

    Over the Reich 4.13

    OVER THE REICH A scenario for Civilization 2 ToTPP 15.1 By John Petroski & Prof. Garfield BACKGROUND “My personal message to you – this is a MUST – is to ‘Destroy the Enemy Air Force wherever you find them, in the air, on the ground, and in the factories.’” - Hap Arnold’s Christmas greeting to...
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