1. hrochland

    Celtic palace 2021-08-17

    Celtic palace
  2. M

    Need Help on Override Palace

    So I am working on a custom chinese civilization and I want it to override the palace. I have other UB and its working but it doesn't seem to work for the Palace. *I have both G&K and BNW expansion *not using any custom art for palace building icon, just reusing palace icon like listed in...
  3. JulianBashir

    Louvre 2021-01-29

    Thanks to Benh LIEU SONG and Duncan Rawlinson for releasing their work under the Creative Commons license.
  4. Guatenadian

    Civ Palace Architecture

    The unique palaces are a minor yet pleasing feature in Civ 6. I'm interested in knowing what real life buildings inspired these palaces and if anyone has any idea to please let me know. America Australia Aztec(Shared with Brasil) China Egypt(Shared with Sumer) India(Shared with Scythia...
  5. nzcamel

    Palace district as part of diplomatic victory

    There was a thread here earlier where we discussed what a diplomatic victory may look like in VI. Someone proposed that there should be multiple world bodies to try to control, like say the World Trade Organisation along with the U.N. Along with that, I think that the palace could be expanded...
  6. Sturmgewher88mm

    [BTS] Advice for unused palace files

    So I unpacked the .fpk files in the Civ4/Assets folder, and I found two unused palace skins for a medieval and a later era. I plan to use them as Asian/European/other palace skins, but I'm unsure how to proceed. Their assets are spread out across three of the four .fpk files in subfolders named...
  7. A Productive Capital

    A Productive Capital

    This is what I would call a productive Capitol..or should I say Palace.
  8. Poor Montezuma!

    Poor Montezuma!

    The Apostolic Palace votes me control of the Aztec capital!
  9. Poor Montezuma!

    Poor Montezuma!

    The Apostolic Palace votes me control of the Aztec capital!
  10. Palace


  11. Expanding Palace

    Expanding Palace

    When people admire you, they will improve your palace.
  12. Greek Palace

    Greek Palace

    A fully built Greek Palace
  13. Asian Palace

    Asian Palace

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