peace treaty

  1. Recursive

    Peace Logic for Upcoming 1.1 Version

    Here's the revised peace logic for the upcoming version 1.1, in great detail. Feel free to suggest how this could be improved. Wrote this up somewhat hastily so feel free to ask if anything seems unclear. [PART 1: INITIAL CHECKS] 1. Peace Blocked - If game options "Permanent War" or...
  2. Greywulf

    Peacemaker ideas for Diplomacy.

    A couple of ideas from the peacemaker side of me that would be nice for the game... 1) The option to forgive grievances, which improves relations with AI civs. Say a civ had declared war with you and accumulated grievances, later on when you are at peace again, you can erase those grievances...
  3. L

    BUG : Blocked game after peace treaty

    I am playing Brazilia and I just had a war against Poland. We just signed a peace treaty : I give him back his towns Wroclaw and Cracovie against freedom for Erevan and Hanoï. When I was proprietary of Wroclav, I was supposed to start a new construction but instead I gave the town back to...
  4. sman1975

    How to Force a Deal?

    Am working on a mod that really needs the ability to force an 'Open Borders' and/or a 'Peace Treaty' (of more than a turn) between two civs. Have researched this a lot, but all roads seem to lead to a dead end. I did find one thing that looked interesting...
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