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    Need help removing Petra's bonus from Desert Hills

    Hey y'all, I'm new to Civ V modding and was hoping to make a small mod to iron out a few pet peeves of mine. Only thing I'm thing I'm really stuck on rn is figuring out how to remove Petra's bonus from desert hills. I put the following in my Buildings.xml: <GameData>...
  2. W

    [Vanilla] Tooltips for new tile improvements display incorrect yield increases w/ petra

    Say you have Petra in a city and want to build a mine on a desert hills tile next to the city. It's regular yield is just 1 hammer, but with Petra its 2 food, 2 production, 2 gold. Adding the mine to it adds only +2 hammers to that tile (with my current techs). But if you have a builder on the...
  3. Bangau

    CFC: Best PETRA city

    Civ Fanatics Competition: Best PETRA city Welcome to the Civ Fanatics Competition (CFC) where we will find out who can build the BEST PETRA CITY ever in Civ VI! The ‘best’ is off course open for debate, but for this competition it is defined as: “Highest total sum of yields on desert tiles...
  4. Snaff

    Question about Petra.

    So, question, let's say I build a Petra with City A, then settle a new city nearby called City B Can I switch tile ownership from City A to City B so that City B can get Petra's bonus? I'm assuming City A wouldn't have the bonus anymore for obvious reasons.
  5. Petra


    Civ V Wonders: Concept Art
  6. Enonwnn Egypt Petra

    Enonwnn Egypt Petra

    Enonwnn Petra City
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