1. TyrannusRex


    Been thinking about potential leaders with the recent leader pass and all. Charlemagne came to mind, and I wanted to skim the surface here for opinions. Charlemagne ruled a realm, Francia/the Kingdom of the Franks, that encompassed most of modern-day France and Germany. So, would you erect a...
  2. Recursive

    POLL: Should players be able to raze their own cities?

    Do you think this feature should be added? This probably won't be added right away if the vote is yes, but if people want it, I might add it.
  3. Recursive

    POLL: Should we merge the (2) through (5) mods into a single mod?

    Hi everyone, Exactly what the title states. Should we merge: (2) Community Balance Overhaul (3) City-State Diplomacy for VP (4) Civ IV Diplomatic Features for VP (5) More Luxuries for VP Together into a single mod? I am for this and so is @Gazebo, but we wanted to poll the community to see...
  4. TyrannusRex

    Rounding Out the Nordic Civilizations

    So, excuse the title for being a little vague, but I'm sorta working on an idea and wanted some opinions from other Civ fans. I've noticed that the majority of ideas (or existing mods) for a Danish civ in Civ VI tend to focus on an Industrial Era Denmark sometime during the 1800s (I believe)...
  5. Hinin

    Poll - Create a delay between a DoW and Peace against a City-State

    Hello everyone, As you know, in the current City-State diplomacy system, it is possible to declare war on a City-State and impose peace in the same turn (the City-State has no say in the matter). This has created a lot of exploits where players can declare war, kill specific units, and then...
  6. K

    [Pre-Poll] Which civs would you like to see in a (potential) 4th expansion pack?

    In this thread, I would like to collect your ideas about what the next civs for Civ6 could be (if there will be one). Post any civs you would like to see / you think are likely. Suggest any leaders if you can. I will collect ideas until Tuesday, 25 May 2021, 23:59 UTC. (I might extend the...
  7. Recursive

    PROPOSAL: Split Sanctions resolution into Diplomatic & Economic Sanctions

    @LifeOfBrian and @DoctuhD have made a suggestion to split the Sanctions resolution which I really like. Here is the proposal, with a few modifications from me: Sanctions will be split into two resolutions, Economic Sanctions and Diplomatic Sanctions. Only one of the two can be placed on a civ...
  8. fy00sh

    Poll: Which leaders' hats do you like the most?

    Figured it's better to do this as a poll, rather than an elimination thread, so here we go: a poll on which leaders' hats you like most! I based the names off of my list in this thread, and since I could only put 30 entries into a poll, I had to cut out the following entries I otherwise...
  9. AntSou

    To which Vanilla Civs would you give an extra Alt Leader?

    If you were given the option of up to four new Alt Leaders for Civilization 6 in future Non-NFP content, which Civs would you rather have represented? It's too late for this to affect Civ 6's production. If Firaxis has plans to release Alt Leaders for Civ 6, they already are... well, planned...
  10. C

    [NFP] Cultural Victory by Monopoly: Modify or Nerf? (poll & discussion)

    I’m starting this poll to see if there is appetite for retaining the new way of winning cultural victory introduced by Monopolies and Corporations (albeit with some changes) or if people would prefer that Monopolies provided a multiplier bonus in the realms of 25 - 50% (bringing it inline with...
  11. Duke William of Normandy

    Poll Editor

    We need a poll editor. Simple as that. How many of you have created a poll here, and you made a mistake but couldn't fix it because you couldn't edit it? That's my problem as well. So, if you want a poll editor, vote in the poll above.
  12. JamesNinelives

    On AI valuation of strategic resources.

    I wanted to bring this up because it seems very difficult to perfect. What I would like to do here is discuss what an ideal outcome would look like to give a frame of reference for further discussion. I not asking for a single value that applies for all resources or all situations, simply the...
  13. BiteInTheMark

    What should the happiness system achieve? [POLL]

    Iam really interested what other people's think what the happiness system should achieve. The vanilla system followed two clear targets. Limit expansion and limit growth. VOX POPULI have achieved a lot of balancing over the former base version and fast expansion and growth have now much more...
  14. Recursive

    POLL: Should razing cities increase war score?

    As part of my diplomacy AI rework, I'm revising every single function one by one, and now that I'm done with memory, war damage/score functions are one of the first on the list. There are currently five ways in which war score against another player can be increased: - Killing units - Capturing...
  15. fredrikslicer

    Never before seen poll

    Had a longer list but wasn´t able to select so many options
  16. oSiyeza

    [GS] The most liked and disliked features of Civilization VI (Results)

    This is my best attempt to synthetize the results from the users of this forum, from the post available in: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/your-3-best-and-3-worst-things-about-civ-6.654770/ I created a new post, since this is not intended to be a place to submit more opinions for the...
  17. TahamiTsunami

    Poll: Which 10 city-states would you like to officially see in the game?

    There were many good suggestions for desired city-states in the other thread I made so I thought it was about time that I made a poll for city-states as well. You can also decide on what type of city-state you'd like your choices to be if you want but you don't have to since who knows what kind...
  18. TahamiTsunami

    Poll: What new Asian civilizations would you like to see in the Civ franchise?

    Since there are polls on new civs from Europe, Africa, and the Americas, I figured it's about time to do a poll for never before seen civs from Asia. This poll includes options from the Middle East and Tibet (Tibet may be extremely unlikely but I decided to include it as a choice regardless and...
  19. cardgame

    What style of vocals do you prefer in music?

    Time for some more light hearted topics on this forum. Addendum: Non-generally - that is, specifically - which gender is your favorite vocalist? For extra credit, mention them by name or post music by them, but take it easy, this isn't the music thread.
  20. Xandinho

    Poll: What new African civilizations would you like to see included in the franchise?

    Since we already have polls about new American and European civilizations, I thought about creating one about new African civilizations. I did some research and I tried to include as many names as I could, reaching nearly thirty African civilizations, kingdoms and countries that were never in...
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