1. TheOneHitPupper


    MoreTech The Tech Tree just got 2x bigger Overview For almost as long as I've played Civilization V, I've consistently felt that the vanilla Tech Tree was too short and was missing large swaths of human history. I noticed there were a few mods out there that expand the Tech Tree, but would...
  2. UncivilizedGuy

    [BNW] Saga Of Man 2

    This thread is about the development of my newest project, Saga of Man 2. My original mod is available on Steam. For download information and details of my original creation please go here: Saga Of Man original creation !!!!!Newest Alpha version (3 Oct 22) download>>>>>>>>>>>> Newest Alpha...
  3. A

    I need help setting up 2 scenarios

    I want to preface this by thanking everyone involved in this magnificent mod for putting in the tremendous work necessary to create it.I have played one game so far and have enjoyed it immensely. I was especially enchanted with the prehistoric era which was a very immersive experience and I am...
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