1. D

    Civ Custom maps Multiplayer not working?

    My issue: I have created a custom map using the Civ6 Worldbuilder and I am trying to play with one of my friends. Every time I try to host, it shows they "Connect" and then immediately "Disconnected". I have tested the map by myself and it works just fine in the "Gathering Storm expansion" ...
  2. K

    Civilization Trade Window doesnt show resources and doesnt work in general

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, I havent used this Forum before. I wanted to try out the Community patch and Balance overhaul. When i wanna try to trade with another civilization I am shown all strategy resources and luxury resources but when i click on them nothing happens...
  3. M

    My Civilization VI game crashes on Nintendo Switch

    Sometimes the game crashes when I'm playing Civilization VI on the Nintendo Switch but I don't know why it happens. Can anyone help please?
  4. DeeDoubleYouTee

    Cannot finish Dam (1 turn away, also tried ME)

    Howdy folks. First post, lifelong player. Im on a domination path with Scythia and haven't had a game be this finessed ever! However i am building a Dam in Pasargadae and for some reason it wont let me finish building it. As the title says i am one turn away and it just will not let me add...
  5. P

    CIV 5 (Steam ver) Missing Text

    Hello everyone, I am here on behalf of my wife who loves to play CIV5. She used to play on her old laptop which runs too slow. Lately I built a new PC with better specs for her to play but for some reason, all text are not loading in the game. Screenshots...
  6. H

    Screen bug when lunching the game

    When i load the game on directX 9 or 10/11 the generic work Normally and then i got a screen problem the game is not fit with my screen and i can't even click on any Button, I downloaded the latest drivers, installed the last version of DirectX, my PC is good enough to load the game in high...
  7. B

    Builders Wont build (technologies researched)

    I'm not a Civ noob.....only a Civ 6 noob. This Is my fourth game. Builder options are greyed (all of them) out on every single tile, I have more than enough technology's. Last time I could build a farm pretty much (virtually) instantly. Now I get horsehocky. 82 turns later and 2 trade routes...
  8. adan_eslavo

    [MOD] Few questions without answers

    I play with modded VP, but these are rather overall issues. I have stucked at few problems: 1. I use following codes: function OnSpawnChangeSelected(eCs) local bSpawnDisabled = Players[eCs]:IsMinorCivUnitSpawningDisabled(Game.GetActivePlayer()) Network.SendMinorNoUnitSpawning(eCs, not...
  9. Sevaljevic

    Cant load RealEraStop mod..

    Hello I have problem to load mod in Civ VI, can anyone help, thanks! This is how my Modding file look:
  10. PanDorsz

    [Vanilla] Asset Editor - missing assets

    Hi everyone, I started using ModBuddy yasterday and already am experiencing some issues with Asset Editor. The problem is that some assets are missing (or simply there is something wrong with them but I have no clue what) and when I try to use them in previewer a huge "!" mark shows up instead...
  11. M

    [GS] Play by mail game broke

    I have been playing a Civ VI Gathering Storm play by cloud game with a friend for quite a while now and today something strange happend: Of the former 7 players (humans and ai) only two were shown in the staging room screen (see screenshot). And these two remaining parties show broken...
  12. ThErEaLlDrGoNzO

    Password problem

    Everyday after signing to the civfanatics I've got to do "forget password" thing beause it says that I enter the wrong one. and I am pretty sure, like really sure I enter the right one. bug? any help from admin would be useful :)
  13. F

    AI not expanding

    Hi guys I´m trying to play this awesome mod again, but it seems to be that the AI doesn´t like to expand his territories :( even tho i´m playing at monarch dificult. To test this problem i let the AI auto play 100 turns in blitz - monarch, but it barely seems to reach two cities Is there any...
  14. Airier23

    [GS] Implement RF's Improvement on the CUSTOM CIV, it shows a red exclamation on Tiles, How to fix this?

    I made a CUSTOM CIV beloved by me, and I gave it the traits for building improvement of others. <CivilizationTraits> <Row CivilizationType="CIVILIZATION_CUSTOM" TraitType="TRAIT_CIVILIZATION_IMPROVEMENT_PAIRIDAEZA"/> <Row CivilizationType="CIVILIZATION_CUSTOM"...
  15. C

    Mod Comaptibility Error

    Hello, I recently deleted all my mods to get rid of outdated and no longer continued mods and then redownloaded everything that I remembered and liked from the popular workshop site. These are all my mods, now somewhere there...
  16. R

    War weariness and war score: a clear problem.

    Gday. New poster but I've been lurking forever (since 2016), but I had to post about this. This has been the first major issue I've run into where there is literally hardly anything you can do to get out of it. So obviously in this game you aren't expected to utilise a play-style which is...
  17. L

    [BNW] Problems inserting text into Language_en_US using SQL

    So I wanted to add new diplomacy texts to my custom civ and for some reason, the text themselves won't show up. I have already successfully inserted text using SQL for buildings and things and after a check of Civ5DebugDatabase.db it would seem all the Response types got inserted correctly (for...
  18. A

    problem with "next turn" or "load saved game"

    Hi, I am a new member of the forum, but I have been looking at it for a long time (several years). It happened that if someone had a problem with the saved game, generally he could rely on someone's help. I have a saved game (about 450 tur / 900 turns) and when the game loads, when the main game...
  19. D

    Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI) LUXURY PROBLEMS

    I have a problem with (6a) Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI) i follow the install instructions and delete lua folders etc. , but when i activate 6a i cant see luxury resources how can i fix this problem ?
  20. lionhero

    My capital can't overflow production

    I've tried all I can think of(including rushing buildings) and it keeps ingoring the build que and making the exess gold, this isnt a problem for my other cities and it wasn't a problem before. Help!
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