1. D

    Crash when founding religion

    Hi, I'm new here, so I apologize in advance for violating conventions that exist around here. Problem: Any time I try to found a religion, the game crashes. The religion dialog opens, and the game window just disappears. A few times, I was able to click a religion icon before that happened...
  2. megabearsfan

    [poll] Prophets founding specific religions

    One of my consistent pet peeves with Civ V and Civ VI has been that the civs that have the highest flavor and priority for founding religions tend to prefer founding one of the Christian religions. So I almost always see Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, or Protestantism be the first religion(s)...
  3. B

    (Request) Unlimited Great Prophets/Religions

    Would love to play a religion game where all the civs could get a religion. It never made sense to me that there was such a small limited number of great prophets. It makes the religious war too easy when you only have to worry about competing with some civs for religion in a game and not...
  4. S

    Golden Age points for spreading Religion

    Would this possible with XML/SQL, or does it require LUA? There is a thread discussing a similar topic here: Is there a way to tie the creation of Golden Age points specifically to the...
  5. A

    GreatPerson Time X GreatPersonTimeX_V1.1a

    INTRODUCTION: This mod add X times longer only Great Person turns rate of all "GAMESPEED" options. Updated 14-12-2016: add ( X3 ) ( X4 ) files It is not a gamespeed option and it not modify vanilla gamespeed. By the way, once one activated, you haven't got to select it on the custom or fast...
  6. bergrar

    Great Prophet problem

    Hi in my game there are only 4 of the 5 religions allowed, but i never found a prophet in the patronage window, the game always says: all the people of this kind are all already acquired, i tried to increase my religion ouput and i have more then 3000 points but i dont find a way to buy or make...
  7. B

    Bug: The Last Prophet | Arabia

    Playing as Saladin, there's 5/7 religions founded, Egypt and Spain are nearest to claiming the next Great Prophet. I'm expecting one of them to claim one and then my leader UA to kick in - the 2nd to last Great Prophet to be claimable by me. However, the turn ticks over and BOTH Egypt and...
  8. P

    Great Prophet Points post Prophet?!

    What the heck are the Great Prophet Points (& corresponding building/wonders) good for after you get a Prophet? Are they converted to faith or are GPPs used as a currency for something else? I tried to find an answer without success.
  9. Speak Not His Name!

    Speak Not His Name!

    A Great Prophet has been born in my capital, but the computer refuses to tell me who he is!
  10. Great Prophet

    Great Prophet

    Russian great prophet
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