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  1. King Phaedron

    Vinland CANT enter the Renaissance

    The Vinland civilization is irredeemably broken! You can't have them in the game or play as them past the Medieval age. The creator apparantly did not give them spy names or something like that. I am playing a game with Siuc, Vinland, Ayutthaya, Gael, Catatania, Amazons, Bohemia, and Eagleland...
  2. hrochland

    renaissance windmill 2021-12-13

    renaissance windmill
  3. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    (Mod Potential) Alternate Renaissance Melee Unit

    If you agree with @Boris Gudenuf 's proposals on Civ games unit class, a student of his History for Gaming and Modding classes. or a modder. you'll understood and enjoy a discussion. If you are agreed with current Firaxis unit classifications and rosters. Just observe this thread and please...
  4. sman1975

    SMAN's Pike and Shot Unit Pack V1a

    Initial upload of a collaboration model that will add various melee units for civs, focused on the last Medieval to the early Industrial Eras. More to follow...
  5. sman1975

    Playtesters Needed for "SMAN's The Ancient World at War"

    Hello, I've recently published a mod, and could really use some help testing it. The mod itself is quite stable, but it adds a LOT of content to the game, so getting all of these new things properly balanced will take the evaluation and perspective of as many players as I can get. Here is a...
  6. cobbaut

    Can the AI keep up after renaissance ?

    Hi, I would like advice on how to make my next C2C game to be more challenging. My last games were on deity-eons and after two/three months and around 3000 turns, I am in the lead in research, area and military size. Being ahead is no fun, so I start a new game. But for once I would like to...
  7. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW) V.0

    NOTE: the version of the mod in the download area is a very early, experimental and buggy version and should never be downloaded. Ever... I have finally finished the V0.0 version of the mod, and it is downloadable on Steam at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2422701461...
  8. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW)

    Greetings, This is a collaboration post for an upcoming project. The AWAW will extensively rework the Ancient, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Eras, and will be the bookend companion to my "SMAN's The World at War" family of mods, cf...
  9. Louis the XIV

    The 3(4) Musketeers! 2020-11-24

    All for one and one for all! The French Musketeer you once new is no more! The Unique Unit for the French Empire, the Musketeer is now composed out of 4 unique units! Fore more units visit my unit thread Here The 4 units: -d'Artagnan: Musketeer with black clothing on a horse and has a sword...
  10. Louis the XIV

    Sowrd&Gun Musketeer 2020-10-18

    As you probably know I love France. So I decided to create a musketeer from the time of the Sun King, Louis XIV. This is also my first ever unit! For more units visit my unit thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/louiss-units.663828/ CHANGES: -Color black instead of light blue -When...
  11. Matsuda123

    Japanese Rope Grenadier 2020-07-19

    This is a replacement grenadier for Japan. It uses custom animations, all crafted by Mightytoad. Mightytoad also used the Civ V Samurai model for this unit, and did a good job of it. I had nothing to do with this unit except for the idea, and now the uploading. I wanted a grenadier that would...
  12. Matsuda123

    Fire Cannon / Hiya Taihou 2.0

    A replacement Bombard for the Japanese. Based on the Fire Cannon from the Civ III scenario Sengoku Jidai, and the real life Hiya Taihou cannons used during the same time. Fires exploding fire arrows packed with gunpowder! Second Samurai included inside the files, but I do not know how to...
  13. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Duchy of Urbino (Federico da Montefeltro) 2.0

    The Duchy of Urbino was a semi-independent papal fief existed in central-eastern Italy between 1234 and 1631. Its most illustrious leader, Federico da Montefeltro, was an ingenious condottiere and a refined patron of arts who went down in history as one of the most important figures of the...
  14. zwei833

    Swedish Empire: Renaissance Warfare 1.3

    Discussion thread::https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/swedish-empire-renaissance-warfare-modified-version-of-big-boppers-scenario.648289/ This is a modifed version of Big Bopper's Swedish Empire Scenario, which is (probably) the best Renaissance era scenario on Civ3 ever! So, first of all...
  15. sman1975

    Fireship Unit V1

    The Fireship is a specialized naval melee unit that rams enemy ships, doing significant damage. The attack destroys the Fireship in the process. It is available at the discovery of Machinery and becomes obsolete at Steam Power. The Fireship has a custom promotion that keeps its damage high...
  16. megabearsfan

    Padding out the naval tech line

    While writing a blog recently about my personal frustrations with the way that Civ games handle difficulty levels (http://www.megabearsfan.net/post/2017/06/03/Frustrations-with-Civ-difficulty-levels.aspx), I came up with an idea for possibly padding out the naval tech line and limiting the...
  17. Renaissance Era

    Renaissance Era

    When you advance in the renaissance era, a picture of an astronomical globe of some kind would appear
  18. Renaissance Wonders

    Renaissance Wonders

    Seven wonders of the Renaissance
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