1. P

    [BTS] How to Merge These Mods? (RevDCM & Varietas Delectat)

    Hi all, I have spent the past 7 hours trying all sorts of ways to merge these two mods. RevDCM - Uses a DLL. Download: Varietas Delectat (including Ethnic Diversity) - Doesn't have a DLL, just a graphical mod (with some minor...
  2. P

    Is there still a way to get Civ Rev 1 for iOS?

    I have looked everywhere including my old purchases from the App Store but no luck. Please let me know if you know how to get a copy. I will pay for it if needed.
  3. tupi

    AI logic: revolutions/government change

    So, how and when AI civs change their government. 1) every turn (after main city loop) AI checks if anarchy flag (diplomacy bit 'ALLY' with barbarians) is 1. If it's so, it calls 'change govt' function which in this case just sets anarchy flag to 0. This means that AI revolution always takes 1...
  4. killmeplease

    New Policy system

    I think policies aren't good enough currently. Its too much bustle with card switching in civ6, and the civic tree feels redundant. Civ5 policies were nice little things you collected throughout the game, very satisfying, but the whole system was too static. What i propose is a new policy...
  5. T

    Unhappy cities revolt to its own city state, where is it in the github?

    So I've searched the github for the keywords revolt, revolution, rebel, rebellion, and I've only been able to find info about city state quests and vassal liberation, but not cities revolting to its own city state. Can someone point me in the right direction to find the function(s) related to...
  6. R

    New Dynamic CIV names

    Hey everyone! I'm here looking to update the Dynamic CIV names mod as the update 1068 added a lot of new civics and it was based off of the old Rise of Mankind civics, I believe.
  7. Valen

    You Say You Want a Revolution? Well, You Know ...

    Has anyone seen this before? I've just discovered democracy and want to take advantage of it. In this snapshot, inciting a revolution causes the game to lock up. If anyone has a suggestion how I can get this revolution to happen, I would really appreciate it.
  8. KommissarReb

    RAR mod: What makes the King's war end?

    My brother and I are playing a hotseat game of the Religion And Revolutions mod, and my king told me to declare war on him at some point. I was given 3 options: 'Yes' (makes king happy), 'No' (makes king angry), and 'Yes, but may I have Additional Forces'. I chose the third option for the troops...
  9. M

    Revolution razing my biggest cities

    Hello, awesome mod! I've been letting revolution to get out of hand just to see what happens. I receive an ultimatum and refused it, and my biggest 3 cities get razed by barbarians with the wonders inside, but without razing the garisons inside it. Is this WAD? is there some way to save the...
  10. Clip Image003

    Clip Image003

  11. Clip Image002

    Clip Image002

  12. Let's All Attack Russia! =d

    Let's All Attack Russia! =d

    Barbarians from half way across the continent, all lining up to attack russia.
  13. Barbarians Winning

    Barbarians Winning

    As you can see, the barbarians in this game (which was the Beta Centauri scenario, meaning it had raging "alien" barbs) are halfway to a domination victory!
  14. Civ Rev City Screen

    Civ Rev City Screen

    Mostly a quality test, I tried taking a good quality picture, but it's really hard to take any sort of picture at all. However, I think this picture has good enough quality.
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