1. Boa's Mod Productions

    Civilization VI - Religious Champions (Suggested Religion Gameplay Rework) (Future Mod?)

    So it's been a while since my last thread on unique religious gameplay (Late-Game Religion), and I had always thought about, and couldn't make up my mind on how civs that adopt another civs' religion can contribute to that religion and benefit from it. After all in real history for example...
  2. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] Byzantium Rework Brainstorming

    While I love Civ 6's Byzantium (while still firmly believing they need a nerf), they don't feel very Byzantine to me in the flavor department. Their religious-conquering niche fits into the roster nicely from a gameplay perspective, but I feel like we could make their design more authentic...
  3. Boa's Mod Productions

    [NFP] Civilization VI - Late-Game Religion Suggestions (Future Mod?)

    So as many of you have noticed, there's a lot of action towards Religion in the early game, but from the Renaissance era to the late game onward, it gets pretty bland and repetitive. The Government building for religion (Grand Master's Chapel) is literally a Tier 2 Building, unlike the...
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