1. adan_eslavo

    Alternative Component Names v9

    Endonyms and xenonyms for Vox Populi texts (Units, Buildings, Leaders, Civilizations, Cities, Natural Wonders). Random city lists. Compatible with MUCfVP. Make sure to adjust settings of the mod in "ACNSettings.sql" file
  2. paintyourselfwhite

    [GS] PYSW India Rebalance

    Hey, I created rebalance mod for India and both their leaders Gandhi and Chandragupta. Point of this mod is make both leaders more powerful and more available for different play styles. This is my first mod any suggestions are welcome! (but not everything is possible to mod) Changelog...
  3. S

    Improved Polders 1.0

    Reworked & Improved Polders This mod completely reworks and improves how polders work. Playing as the Netherlands i found it frustrating how limiting the placement is of polders and how weak they are compared to other improvements so i rewrote how they function and added an extra unique...
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