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    Unique Victory Conditions (UHV) (Help/Request)

    I know it's not great that the dll for the game has been indefinitely withheld at this point. But, I think the YNAMP project still has potential. I wanted to know how to incorporate Unique Victory Conditions (UHV) into the mod. It'd basically be an import of the Rhye's and Fall mechanic, so...
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    [Request] New Historic Victory Type

    Civ VI modding really impressed me. Was playing with YnAMP, Rosetta Naming, Sukritact’s mods, Tomatekh’s religion mod, (not to mention them all) and the experience of the game is really something else now! I don’t think it would be too hard, and I’ve seen an alternate victory type mod before for...
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    Modifiers for Historical Spawn Dates Mod

    I'm working on creating a change that works alongside Gedemon's historical spawn dates mod (https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/historical-spawn-dates.614266/). I have a few ideas and currently I'm trying to code so that when a player spawns nearby cities flip over (like Rhye's and Fall)...
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    Civ VI Rhye’s Project

    I think the new expansion is adding some interesting mechanics into the game that have potential for use in a Rhyes and Fall type mod. It’s been a while and I think it’s possible to make something good if we worked together on it. I don’t have much coding experience but I’m trying to learn LUA...
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