rising tide

  1. s0nny80y

    [Story] ARC, Apollo, Massive

  2. KayAU

    Beyond Earth - a flawed, underrated gem

    ...which really could have used a second expansion or a sequel. So, I get why not everyone loves BE. It has its flaws, especially without the expansion, and it was inevitably going to be compared to Alpha Centauri on launch. That's a tough one to follow, and despite the similar premise, BE is...
  3. Horatiuss

    Rising Tides, all Marvels in one game

    Hi guys i need some help. I'm new to modding (I modified my Stellaris game quite a bit without too much trouble). However for Civilization games this is a first. Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tides doesn't have a lot of mod so I have to make the one I need. I would like to have all Marvels...
  4. H

    Gradient dust storm? Meaning please?

    In the game "Civilisation VI rising tide", there is a "gradient dust storm". Context suggests that gradient refers to how severe it is. But I thought gradient could only mean the slope or rate of change of something?
  5. M

    Sponsors - errata

    I'm sure this will be a "DUH" question, but been playing B.E.R.T. for some time now and would like to know the meanings of the three numbers associated with each "Sponsor". For example, "ARC" ( Suzanne Fielding ) shows 8-8-4, while "Franco-Iberia" ( Elodie ) shows 4-0-4. The other "Sponsors"...
  6. Prora Advent

    Dialogue/Diplomacy Screen Not Visible/Freezing

    I recently re-downloaded BE w/ RT and now if I click on the diplomacy button, or even if I meet another sponsor and the first meeting dialogue menu comes up, the game freezes. Not only does it freeze but there are no buttons visible on the diplomacy/dialogue screen itself, along with it missing...
  7. S

    Crash when loading game

    I can no longer load modded games (yes, I double-load the mods first), because while loading the save civ crashes with the following message. How do I fix this? Yes, I was using the same mods the game was saved with. Saved games just stopped working this weekend, and I can't get them to work...
  8. Machiavelli24

    Echoes of Earth 26

    In the twilight of Earth's great civilizations, we were chosen to venture to the stars in search of a new home. But we did not travel alone. As we slept, behind us streaked messages from Earth. Their dream that we would not let the light of humanity extinguish. When we awoke we listened to words...
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