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  1. King Phaedron

    Rock Bands at Notre Dame

    This thread is a play off. Find and post a music performance at a real life CIV wonder. Check this out, and we'll pretend the Rock Bands are from a Civ very far ahead in Civics to where this concept happens during the Renaissance or Industrial Era. I kinda think after a performance like this...
  2. robal1991

    [NFP] [] [Secret Societies] Alchemical Society building does not give tourism from rock concerts

    Alchemical Society building (replaces University) does not give +500 tourism from rock concerts. I posted this question in the general forums but there were no answer so I am reposting it here. If this is an intended behaviour close the thread please.
  3. A

    [GS] Naturalists v Rockbands

    Potato McWhiskey has a video discussing how Culture Victories work on comparing Naturalists v Rock Bands (here). Couple of questions for the Brain Trust, particularly @Victoria . First, PMW discusses Domestic Tourists (which are based on a Civs total culture including Inspirations), Foreign...
  4. Victoria

    Civ VI Rock Bands

    Rock Bands Last updated from the september patch 2019 Rock bands are primarily used for speeding up a cultural victory but do have other more general uses. You gain the ability to purchase rock bands which you discover the Cold War civic. You purchase a rock band for 600 faith + 100 faith for...
  5. Das Capitolin

    Disable Rock Bands 1.02

    Perhaps you hate rock and roll, or you just want to make Culture and Religious victories much more difficult. Either way, this mod removes Rock Band units from the game. Related mods: Disable Religion Holy Site, Disable Rock Bands, Disable Space Race REMEMBER TO ENABLE MOD! Open Civilization...
  6. P

    [GS] Modifying the rock band name generation list for Gathering Storm

    So I really love the new Rock Band feature in Gathering Storm. The fact that you have to name your rock bands, and that there is a silly random generator just for suggesting rock band names is pointless but awesome! I immediately wanted to tweak the list to make its rock band name suggestions...
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