1. Matsuda123

    Egyptian Samurai 2020-12-05

    A hypothetical Egyptian Samurai unit. :) I saw the art for this unit online, made by Loah Salah, and I thought it would be amazing to have in Civ IV. So with the help of MightyToad on skinning and rigging, and me on modeling and tuned up textures, we bring you the Egyptian Samurai. With big...
  2. Cassius Critzer

    Jidaigeki samurai mod for MGE

    The Jidaigeki mod is nearing completion in the next month. In two weeks, beta testing will begin to look for errors. A jidaigeki is a genre of Japanese film or television that depicts the historical period that frequently leads up to the Sengoku Jidai (Time of Warring States) say 1460-1650, but...
  3. Shiroifushicho

    Radiant Samurais 3.0

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE STATUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v3.0 Updated on the 7/09/2018. See the changes in the change notes button to get further infos. Warrior Monks are not involved in this mod anymore and has moved to one of my other mods : Radiant Better Unit Promotions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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