1. O

    How to use config variables to modify the in-game sql database

    I want to add a setting to the options menu when a user is creating a game that will be then used to affect something in the game. I was getting a lot of help from this tutorial thread but unfortunately it only talks about conditionally executing files based on values, so this would work with...
  2. Iconian

    [BNW] Recon Flavors mod trouble

    This is about two separate but related issues. About a year ago I created a mod that changes the recon flavors all the leaders in Civ 5. Recently I updated it, and then I tested it. In short, I've combined the recon mod with my cheap scouts mod, hoping the AI's would build quite a few more...
  3. K

    Not a bug - game configuration saves now work differently.

    I have long used advanced game set up to use specific random numbers, choose my civ, the number and leaders of my competitors and then save this for future use. After the last update when I create a configuration, reloading it results in nothing getting reloaded - my civ is reset to random, the...
  4. J

    How do i change the save file path

    I have civ4 steam version. I need to change save file path because its a pain in the a$$ to search through all your files to find the one you saved please any solution would be welcome to me
  5. S

    [R&F] User Interface Disappears when meeting first AI Civ

    This has been widely reported on Steam forums and it has been recommended that I upload a saved game that will trigger the bug. At the moment I meet a new AI major civilization, the UI disappears completely. I can move whatever units have not moved that turn, but then I cannot interact at all...
  6. R

    [GS] Noob here, how to make a save update new mod values?

    Question. I made changes in my mod file that I'm using for one save, but the changes don't apply when I reload that save. It is just a value change, no line added. Only line I added was the AffectsSavedGames line in .modinfo but that didn't do anything. Any way I can make the save update the values?
  7. H

    Multiplayer Save Fix 1.1

    This mod fixes the bug that multiplayer saves would skip a turn when loaded. There is a save game bug in Civ 5 multiplayer: When you save a game or it gets saved automatically, those saves are broken and will skip 1-2 turns when they are loaded. This mod fixes this bug by always creating proper...
  8. Muriel

    Multiplayer Freeze

    Hey everyone! I am experiencing freezes in our multiplayer save file. We tried exiting and re-inviting of one person, we also have pitbull on and turntimer off, yet it is a bit annoying to always have one player exit and then come back. Did anyone fully get rid of this problem?
  9. P

    [R&F] Can't save games or settings CIV6 R&F

    I've got latest version of Windows 10 with Windows Defender. I've added the steam folder, the CivilizationVI_DX12.exe and CivilizationVI.exe process to the Windows Defender Exclusion list. I don't have any other anti -virus or -malware software installed. I don't have the folder...
  10. chaorace

    TUTORIAL: Loading ANY Save

    I get a lot of save files, like... more than I can realistically test. This problem is compounded by the fact that most of these saves have mod-lists like this: I can't load this save... and I sure as hell don't know where to find "LOC_UIM_NAME"! Sure, I can go back to the user, ask that they...
  11. A

    Game crashes on saving

    Hey guys, I really need your help! :( Whenever I try to "Save Game", Civ 6 just crashes immediately. This must have started after the Winter Patch. I played a lot after release and Fall Patch, but only a few days ago managed to get back to it after the Winter Patch went live. This does not...
  12. H

    [vanilla] Specific Turn Crash - need help

    can someone tell me what this means [2016-12-13 16:15:43] Watcher "DumpWatcher" is watching folder "C:\Users\jacob\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Dumps\" for submissions with a file name of "header.json" [2016-12-13 16:15:43] Watcher "PackageWatcher" is watching folder...
  13. Storn

    Unable to Save

    So, this is a weird one - I simply cannot save a game. I set the .exe to run as administrator, but that does not appear to have helped in any way. I hit save, and no save game file is made - I hit F5 to quicksave, and nothing. Manually hit quicksave, and nothing. I'm completely baffled ...
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