1. K

    CivVIReplay 1.3 (Beta)

    Resume Analyse, learn, progress with this tool by replaying your game and look over your opponent strategies. Load one or multiple saves and explore the state of the turn. Instruction Menu -> Open if you want to load a single save Menu -> Open Directory and select a folder. If you want to look...
  2. cammcken

    An interesting map if you want to play one

    It's not much, but I rolled a pretty interesting map from FaireWeatherTweakEx, so I thought I would share it for anyone who's looking. It's potentially a challenge start, but it's really not terribly suffocating. I don't want to spoil too much. All I'll say is that it made me think creatively...
  3. S

    [R&F] User Interface Disappears when meeting first AI Civ

    This has been widely reported on Steam forums and it has been recommended that I upload a saved game that will trigger the bug. At the moment I meet a new AI major civilization, the UI disappears completely. I can move whatever units have not moved that turn, but then I cannot interact at all...
  4. P

    A major annoying bug

    Hi everyone! I came to this sub to seek help with my major problem, as the 2K support cant help.. So whenever I create a save, its instantly "corrupted": When I reload it, the whole map / ground is water and Its stuck with the last turn, I cant do anything. I tried reinstalling (even manually...
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