1. Blake00

    SubWars Scenario (MGE) 1.0

    About: One of the best ever made! A cool scifi underwater scenario set in a future pacific ocean by Bernd Brosing. Hosted by the Scenario League. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be...
  2. M

    Does anybody know of an online blog with a “Sci-Fi Tech of the Month” like feature?

    I’m obsessed with sci-fi novums and I am a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan. I’m looking for an amateur blog that every week (or every month) postulates a future/sci-fi tech, science, idea or concept. I already watch Isaac Arthur but I need something I can read.
  3. M

    What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    Im trying to write a story about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force. I just need something for him to be researching. It really isn’t that important to the story; it just has to sound cool and scientific. Also it can’t have...
  4. CorvusFortis

    Eldar Phoenix Bomber 2018-08-24

    Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm. Bomber of ancient Eldar race from WH40k universe. Swift and deadly as any Eldar aircraft. Intended for WH40K mod.
  5. Meteor Man

    Nebulon B2 Frigate 2018-03-03

    Second-generation Nebulon frigate for the Empire. Includes: attack.flc, default.flc, death.flc, attack.wav, death.wav, civilopedia icons, units32 pic, and a civilopedia entry (below) The Star Wars Unit Thread #PRTO_Nebulon_B2 ^ ^The [Nebulon-B2 frigate] was a relative of the Nebulon-B...
  6. Meteor Man

    MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser 2018-03-02

    a Liberty star Cruiser for the rebellion. Includes: attack.flc, default.flc, death.flc, attack.wav, death.wav, civilopedia icons, units 32 icon, and civilopedia entry (below). Thread: #PRTO_Liberty ^ ^The [MC80...
  7. Meteor Man

    Vindicator Star Frigate 1.1

    Another Star Wars unit, this one the Vindicator. Includes: attack, default, death, attack.wav, civilopedia icons, and a civilopedia entry (below) Thread: #PRTO_Vindicator ^ ^The [Vindicator-class Star Frigate] was the...
  8. Meteor Man

    Venator Star Destroyer 2.0

    I couldn't believe there wasn't a Venator already on Civfanatics...was pretty bummed when I couldn't find one. Proceeded to finish my SW mod without the Venator, and along the way I figured out how I could make it myself. So here it is. updated! new graphics! with civ color! Includes a...
  9. Bluemofia

    UFO (recolored) 1.0

    UFO (Kinboat) Original unit had civ colored lasers. Recolored them with consistent colors Included are: Blue Lasers Red Lasers Green Lasers VIolet Lasers Yellow Lasers Thread...
  10. Bluemofia

    Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer (Recolored) 1.0

    Unit: Imperial Star Destroyer by jobiwan7 Original unit had lightly tinted civ-colored lasers (except for blue player) because of a palette error. I recolored it so that it has a consistent color, rather...
  11. Bluemofia

    Star Wars Republic Assault Ship (Recolored) 1.0

    Unit: Republic Assault Ship by TheMorpheus Original unit had civ-colored lasers. I recolored it so that it has a consistent color, rather than grey/brown/pine green lasers. Included are: Blue Lasers Red Lasers...
  12. PlutonianEmpire

    Pluto Rising 1.003

    Scenario: Pluto Rising By PlutonianEmpire Contact: (Edit: Forgot to include the updated ToTPP ini. It is here: Version: 1.003 ---- Plot: In 2020, a mysterious...
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