1. MightyToad

    Scout Worker 2021-06-26 Scouts with Chop, Build, and Road Animations.
  2. Sailor Cat

    Watchtower Improvement 2.0

    WATCHTOWER IMPROVEMENT Steam Workshop Introducing the watchtower improvement, which can be built by recon units, such as the scout, to help your civilization better explore and monitor. +2 Sight for occupying unit. +1 Sight for units occupying adjacent Encampments and defensive improvements...
  3. Q

    Scouts Get Experience for Exploring 1.03

    Scout class units get experience for revealing tiles. Water tiles give experience only if they have resources. By default scouts get 1 exp point for every 8 (4 with Survey policy) tiles they reveal. To change it use "iTiles1ExpPoint" variable in the lua script.
  4. MrTerror

    [Vanilla] How to change the look of unit?

    Hello It is again me with a newbie question.. but well i can't find the anwser on the internet so here I am. I made a new unit - explorer (upgrade of scout). When I first made mod file and all of this stuff, it worked as I wanted it to be. But yesterday, when I was changing icons - something...
  5. TheyMadeMeDoThis

    What is your opener and why?

    Hey y'all, I tend to open most games with a scout > slinger > builder before moving onto expansion and buildings. I like to see what's around me (wouldn't want to miss the fact that shaka or ghengis are hiding out in the fog next to my next settle-spot....) so I can make plans as to how to deal...
  6. megabearsfan

    [IDEA] New exploration policy to buff Skirmisher

    With the addition of the new Skirmisher unit, the recon unit line is now somewhat more viable for exploration during the late classical and medieval periods. However, I still feel that the Skirmisher is a bit too weak against barbarians if I'm not able to get them up to the Ambush promotion. I...
  7. B

    Pathfinders and scouting need rebalancing

    Especially in the recent 43 civ test I did(huge continent map, marathon, immortal), pathfinders became a significant issue clogging up the map. Later, when my own awesome pathfinder had nothing left to do, he nearly became stranded and worthless before he made it home. I think there should be a...
  8. megabearsfan

    Padding out the naval tech line

    While writing a blog recently about my personal frustrations with the way that Civ games handle difficulty levels (, I came up with an idea for possibly padding out the naval tech line and limiting the...
  9. E

    Expanded Recon Class v1.0 2016-12-08

    This mod adds 2 new units to the Recon promotion class: the Explorer and the Sniper. And modifies the recon promotion tree for balance with new units. The Explorer upgrades from the Scout (currently) at Gunpowder tech then upgrades to Ranger. The Sniper upgrades from Ranger at Advanced...
  10. Bear-scout Fight

    Bear-scout Fight

  11. Chasqui Scout #2

    Chasqui Scout #2

    Chasqui Scout exploring the map
  12. Enslave


    Inca's Chasqui Scout can enslave enemies into slave workers.
  13. Chasquis Scout (C3C)

    Chasquis Scout (C3C)

    Inca's Chasquis Scout unit
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